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spotify premium stops all the time


spotify premium stops all the time

After more than 1 year of enjoying spotify on my ipad 2 it has gone bad last weeks. It stops playing all the time. It stops playing after 1 minute or sometimes 2 minutes. And it always stops playing at the end of the song.  I have tried anything, reinstalling, different internet locations, waiting very long and so on. It doesn't make sense.  It even stops playing in offline mode, so internet connection is not the problem. I don't even listen to spotify anymore and if this is not fixed within one week I will stop my premium subscription.




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After my initial post here, I heard back from Spotify tech support. We've been back and forth with several things to try, none of which worked until after the last upgrade, which in itself did not fix the problem. I got a followup e-mail from a tech named Tristan, who sent me the following. Details related specifically to my account are removed, but otherwise, these are his directions in full:


I know you have performed a reinstall many times already, but to make sure everything is fresh, I would like you to perform this again, this time deleting the cache files first, as I believe you may have a corrupt file. Please follow below.

If you could start by clearing your cache, follow these instructions:

On the first desktop page of your iPhone, you need to select settings.
Then scroll down until you get to the Safari option, selet this.
You then need to select clear history and proceed to clear.
You will then also need to select clear cookies and data (beneath clear history) and then proceed to clear.

Now you can perform a clean installation of the new app following these instructions:

1. Delete the Spotify application from your iPhone/iPod. To do this, press and hold the application until it hovers and then press the X symbol
2. Restart your iPod/iPhone
3. Install Spotify again from the AppStore

Can you also reset your password by clicking the link below. Don't worry you can change this back if needed.

(link removed as I think it linked directly to my account)

Please log in using username '(Spotify user name)' (not email address) and new password.


This procedure fixed my problem. I am now both streaming and playing offline play lists successfully. I hope this will lead you in the right direction for those still experiencing problems. Also, 3 cheers for Tristan! 😉




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Hi all

I cleared the cache in Safari, uninstalled Spotify, made a 'COLD' reboot and reinstalled Spotify on my wifes IPAD, and now it workes again.


/Regards Thomas

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Guys, can we get some confirmation from you as to whether or not this is still happening?


Hoping for good news, but feel free to let us know otherwise.

Check out our Twitter for the latest updates on any service issues: @Spotifystatus

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Spotify has been spotty at Best on my iPhone, I have never used the web version but I love the whole idea, Here is the problem tracks only play one at a time, then stop, will not load the next song, will not play continuously, and there is no time showing for the next song and no dot to show progress, play won't do anything, I have to hit skip to start the next song (the one after the second song [whch is the one that doesnt Play]) Here is what I have done, Logged in and out multiple times, Deleted the app and re-installed it multiple times Logged out, then deleted app, then restarted my phone then re-installed it I have only ever logged into with Facebook so it's still showing me my premium account so that's not the problem either... (I have 12 days left on my month trial)

Got a reply, by email.

Which fixed the problem.
Switch from whatever band with streaming quality to another, I was on normal, switched to high and played a few songs and then switched back, he also suggested if I was in high to switch back to normal for a

Works again got my music fix

Someone else has posted a solution here.

@user-removed wrote:

Someone else has posted a solution here.

This is a workaround, NO solution.


I have the same problem on my iPhone, it's annoying.

I haven't tried it, but they said it worked (hence I said solution). Only trying to help...

Whenever I play songs they automatically stop playing after like 40s.

Any help will be appreciated


I'm having this problem consistently on my iPhone 4. It's running iOS 5.1.1, not jailbroken. It worked fine until a couple of weeks ago (it may have coincided with the update, but I don't remember for sure). Now it stops playing at about 1 minute into the song, no matter what song is playing. It requires a full close of the program and a restart before it will start playing again, but stops again at or near the 1 minute mark. 


I've tried relogging and deleting/reinstalling the app to no avail. Spotify, this is CLEARLY not an isolated problem. Please address and FIX this or I will be unsubscribing. I don't care to pay for a service I can't use and I am sure I'm not the only person who feels this way.

still nothing changes. what a horrible costume service. this is extraordinary. this way listening music is a punsihment, back to piratebay if this is not fixed soon!



I have the same problem as described by the thread starter. But it only appears on one of my playlists. Extreamely annoying. Stops at the end of songs randomly, and I have to manually press «next» to continue listening. Sometimes this happens after hours of listening, and sometimes after the first song.


Maybe I could fix this with reloading the playlist (it's available offline), but I'm lazy and don't like to do workarounds when the app definetly contains a bug here. It should be fixed!

I have the same issue! When I contact support a reponse takes many days. And when the response arrives it is not helpful.


All I want to know is how can Spotify app remember the login, so internet connection arent always required. And also I ask them about a refund but that is simply ignored. They respond only what is convinent for them! 

still nothing happened! what is this for stupid costumer service. will be soon no member anymore, this is outstanding bad

Hi everyone - I can assure we're looking into this for you. If you haven't done so already, please be sure you've downloaded our latest update for iOS.


In the meantime, the more information you can provide the better. If you could let us know the following it'd be a great help:



When and where the freezing occurs. At the end of the track? After 40 seconds?


Device Version

eg. iPod touch (5th Gen) running iOS 5.1.1


Did a reinstall help?



Has anything else helped at all?

eg. turning off gapless playback made it crash less often, etc.


Thanks for your patience while we look into this for you. 




at end of every track and random in a track


Device Version

iipad 2 ios 5.0


Did a reinstall help?

did not help


Has anything else helped at all?

tried everything, nothing helped. waiting now for a month. i cannot download playlists on my ipad anymore. 


Thanks for your patience while we look into this for you. 

Thank you too but I am almost out of patience


I've also been having this problem- iphone 3GS, fully updated.


Currently listening to radio based on a track streaming over wifi. I usually get though 1-3 songs and then the sound just cuts in the middle of the song. This has now happened 5-6 times in the last hour or so. When I go back into the app at shows the screen it was on previously with the loading dots for a few seconds, then I need to press the play button and it starts the radio again at the start of a new track.


I haven't tried reinstalling yet, but I tried changing the stream quality but this did not help.


Phone was working fine earlier on offline mode, but cut out when I got a signal and switched to 3G. App has also recently been randomly logging out and going back to the new login screen, but this seems to be a seperate problem and occuring far less frequently.

Meridith, I'll keep tabs on these forums- if you'd like me to try anything else let me know.

Hi everyone - Have you all tried the earlier suggestion by @Deebooow? Please let us know how this works for you:


 1. Change your current streaming setting from high quality to normal
 2. Play a few tracks
 3. Switch back to the original settings  


Thanks--keep that feedback coming. 


I tried this suggestion and it did not work. The first track stopped playing at 1:01. My requested info was in my original post.

did not work, but I updated my ios software and that did the job!

Problem started on Monday


Description When and where the freezing occurs. About 1.40 secs into song. Doesn't start again.


Device Version eg. iPod touch (5th Gen) running iOS 5.1.1 -  I-Phone 5.1.1


Did a reinstall help? Yes/No  - No


Has anything else helped at all? eg. turning off gapless playback made it crash less often, etc.  - No, tried turning off gapless playback and switching to Normal streaming, neither worked.

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