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Spotify Won't Pause - keeps going back to play (CarPlay)

Using Spotify on iPhone 5s with Panasonic AppRadio 4 in CarPlay mode. 


Getting the regular (already reported bugs) but one I can't find anywhere - when I hit PAUSE, on the unit or the app on the phone directly after a few seconds the music starts playing again. It's SO frustrating not being able to pause a song!


Also if a call comes in, you answer the call the music pauses and then at some point during the call the music starts playing again in the background! Very off-putting, pretty sure the caller can't hear the music but you then have to force the app closed on the iPhone which is not entirely safe whilst driving!


Also the length it pauses for varies each time, sometimes only 1 second, sometimes 5 seconds but each and every time I hit pause on either the app or the AppRadio 4 the song will start playing again. Any thoughts/ideas anyone?

Who Me Too'd this topic