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Tried to buy .99cents for 3 months promo but still a "Free User,"


  I tried to buy the .99 cents for the first three months summer promo yesterday, the last day.  I used paypal, it took me to the pay pal site but after paying I was bounced back to the payment page and a notice flashed in red saying there was a problem. 
   I checked on paypal and the payment was there .99 cents plus tax $1.14.

  I decided to pay once again and the second time no problem eveything seemed to go smooth.

   There is only one payment showing on paypal, for an authorization for a recurring charge and a charge of $1.14.

    MY spotify still says "free user,", I still can't use very high quality and there are still ads.
    After reading through the forums a bit here is a little info; this is my only Spotify account, I"ve never been a premium member before... I've been seeing that ad for almost a month and finally decided to give it a try mostly to listen in better quality and get rid of the ads...
    So any help from anybody would be really appreciated ? Thanks in advance.

Who Me Too'd this topic