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3-months subscription for $0.99

3-months subscription for $0.99

Today I received an e-mail that offers me a 3-months premium membership for only $0.99. Is it true or a scam?





27 Replies

It's a true statement, although if you used your 7 day free premium service you are no longer eligible for the 3 months at .99 cent premium service promotion. Visit the website and you'll understand it's true!

Thanks! I haven't used 7-days premium yet, so I'm gonna purchase it soon. I couldn't believe I can get this discount and I was suspicious of it.

Unfortunately I accidentally pushed the free button and now I have to sort things out with Spotify. I wanted to save my free premium trial for later use, but now I'm afraid that I will lose my free trail and promotion.

Please read this page as it contains all the premium subscription details!

There's no 3 months option for me... 30 days trial and then I have to start paying 7 dolares a month... Help me please

Unfortunately you missed the 3 months for $0.99 promo that started back in June of this year, sorry. Every so often Spotify does a promo like that either for Summer or New Years. Although they do offer a student discount which is supposed to be fairly inexpensive but I myself haven't tried it. If you do plan on ever using one of those promo's remember that the 7 day free premium trial is lost after using the promo, so it's kind of a use it or lose it program, the same applies to the 7 day free premium trial.

I tried to subscribe, but it didn't accept the credit card because I live in Albania and it's anavailable here.

I'm not sure how cross country plans work for Spotify so I'm afraid I can no longer help with this issue. I would suggest going to the website and researching rules and regulations from within your country or region. Good luck!

No military discount? That's an outrage...

Unfortunately Spotify doesn't offer a military discount at the moment, hopefully in the future they will correct this issue and offer our veterans a discount for the premium subscription. On my behalf I would like to thank you for your military service.

If you have premium, it will deny you any sort of event like the 3-Months for $0.99. Which sucks, because I get tired of paying $10 every month and can't get the Student Discount because I'm in High School.

Can you use it to with the family plan?

It's actually hilarious you think you should get a discount for "defending your country". That's the biggest joke I have ever heard! That's like a shopkeepers discount or a teachers discount. I don't even care I'm gonna have some angry Americans after me, it's so ridiculous!

I'm currently on the 3 month $0.99/mo trial and wanted to get the family premium. Do we lose our 3 months at $0.99/mo if we upgrade early or do we just get charged the $14.99 at the end of our special offer period? Thx

If you've purchased the $.99 premium promo will it charge you full price afterwards?


Thanks for that offer

Moi jme suis abonné grâce à cette promo et ils m'ont pris 9.99 😡

Hi! I'm interested in doing the 3 months for $0.99 but afterwards, if I continue to want Spotify, I would like to use the student discount (I'm a student at Clemson university) but didn't want to do the trial if I couldn't use a student discount immediately following instead of a regular premium price.

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