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Account Dissapered

Account Dissapered

I could log in a few days ago but now it is not possible at all. When I try it says that it is wrong user name or password. When I try to log on to the computer I get logged in and can view playlists, but go out after a few seconds and says that it is wrong unser name.


I made my account 2009 i think, i do not log in with facebook.


Tankful for help 


Sorry for my bad English 

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I tuned out that it was stolen.. But i diddnt get eny help with getting it back... 


How do i get it back

Thats probably what happened with mine. I've got a premium account, and it just disappeared. Everything is gone.And it seems impossible to get any help whatsoever

Itsa a huge list of accounts, mine included with a different pasword. Luckily I managed to get it back 2015 but still

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