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Can I delete a Spotify Connect device from the list?


Can I delete a Spotify Connect device from the list?

Last week I was at my neighbors and I made contact with their Spotify Connect speakers.

Everytime I open spotify it wil play the music from their speakers instead of my iPhone (Even when I'm on my own WiFi network or without a WiFi network). Please say there is an option to delete the speakers from my iPhone (and also my iPad now)!


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spotfy replyed and first they tried to blame Denon as I'm a HEOS user and don't like that friends can play music from distance to my system.

I can't get some friends Yamaha A/V-receiver out of my account. I have tried "sign out everywhere" but it comes back.

I sent the link to this thread to spotify support, but I don't think they really care.

I got p****d and canceled my Premium subscription today.

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try doing a factory reset on the soundbar of your parents.... and never
connect again with your Spotify connect account until Spotify fix this

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John, I have just had the same discussion with support after finding this thread.  I expressed to them what a bad idea this was and the security issues but found the exact same response you got, basically "stiff - thats how it works" and if you don't like it post a suggestion on our "ideas board".  To clarify my issue was that my friends had connected to my wifi nework and with their own phone and own spotify account then played music to my spotify connect enabled spreakers.  They were then able to play to those speakers any time they liked from anywhere they liked, they no longer had to be connected to my wifi network and I had absolutly no control to stop them.  Working in the IT industry I cannot believe this is allowed and I have no control over this.  Support told me to fix the issue I should factory reset my spotify connect enabled speakers which is absurd! 


I have no problem with users being able to play to my speakers but it should only ever be available while they are on my LAN!


I have cancelled my spotify subscription and my IT collegues are doing the same.  Probably won't make any difference but like you say, but everyone should be aware of how this works to make their own informed decision.

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The speakers will have cached your login details. They either need to connect their own Spotify account to it, or reset the speaker unit to remove the data.

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Wow thats a really bad (if thats how it works). I have a similar problem with a device that I cant remove from my list and that I can still connect to after having left the wifi.
How is it that you can still play through a device that is not on your current wifi? Even on the Spotify website they claim that being on the same wifi is a requirement. I mean its fine if this is how it is suppose to work (even though i dont see the point) but then it is essential that you have a "remove option".

Once it grabs your account data over WiFi, it appears you can control the speaker over any internet connection.

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Same problem here. I tested Spotify Connect on a few devices and now they are listed in my app. Sometimes. Sometimes only the devices available in my LAN (=wireless LAN) are listed. Are we the only people that use Spotify Connect??? Why is there no response from Spotify on this topic? This SUCKS!

I have the same problem... Today I was in HiFi store and tested stereo amps and speakers... and now my spotify connect shows these devices... 

Can You solve this problem please?

@Regisss - As far as I am aware, the only way to remove them is to get someone else to connect to the speaker using their Spotify account. 


I would suggest that you get in touch with Spotify support directly and see if there is any magic they can work for you. There are several ways to get in touch!

If you have Twitter, following and dropping a Tweet to @SpotifyCares (English), @SpotifyAyuda (Spanish) or @SpotifyAjuda (Portuguese) is often the fastest way to get a reply and they can deal with the majority of issues excluding payment/billing issues.

Alternatively, you can email them (in any language) using the online contact form. There is also a special contact form if you can't remember your login details or the email address on your account is incorrect. The contact form support team should be able to handle absolutely any issue you are having!

When getting in touch via the contact forms, if you get an automated email reply back directing you to the community or help pages, you need to reply directly to that email (even if its from no-reply) and one of the support agents will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Same here, i had a Technics amplifier for a week but then i returned it , and replaced with another, now the proud new owner of the technics i returned gets to listen to my music at times and volume level i decide when i click the wrong buttons ..the first couple of times i would pop the volume up and play music and see the other side pause it and bring the volume down which made me relise that i can actualy play the music in someone elses house, I now try to be carefull and not send my music to that device , but cant deleted from the list...Spotify  -this is rediculous issue for provider ofmyour size- fix it pls by adding controls to what devices appear in the "connect to" section so i can dispaly and click the devices i reconise- this should be a fix on your end only 🙂


Go on spotify website and log in to your account, you then have an option to disconnect your account from all devices.

Bertrand, as far as I know there is only an option to delete so called "offline devices". Those are the ones where you are able to download music onto. Does have nothing to do with the discussed problem.

Ok I had a second look and I think you are right.. Theres another option called "überall abmelden" in my german interface. Doesnt make sense to me but it seems to have done the trick. Thanks a lot.

Bertrand, this worked, i can no longer see the old amplifier 🙂 many is what needs to be clicked:



Well.. Seems I was too quick about that.. All old devices are now back in the list 😞
This sucks!



I have found a solution to this issue. If you uninstall the app from your device, then redownload it, the devices that are not on your network will not be displayed any longer.


Hope this helps.



I'm sorry, but this Connect feature is pure garbage.


I have unwanted device on my list, I can't play it, as it is not available here anymore and it keeps showing on my account. I'm mad as cow with my Spotify right now. Please someone remove the whole crap eg. Connect to make Spotify best. I'm mad because the men who picked my Pioneer and it is connected, he hears my bassy handsup's when I connect by mistake to that Pioneer.


Because he piurchased my item and now he sent me message he hears sometimes music with a lot of bass 😄 When he is listening classical music thru Pioneer app on phone.


Too bad I just renewed my Spotify after fail of payment (not money issue) 😄


I hope this log out everywhere option works, otherwise I will go for another app...

I think this fixed it, I logged out everywhere, and now I can't see anymore my Pioneer. It's bad because the speaker can play music even if it is on another Internet provider / connection. Now he can listen classical music w/o interruption!

Pioneer is back!!! Please someone....


In 10 minutes again away.

Hi guys, I posted before that logging out from the Spotify Web page helps but actually the old device popped back on again, quite poor...

it doesnt work the speakers wil stil be there

yes, this needs to be fixed! the speakers should be not accessible, if you are not in the same wifi network!

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