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Can't Set Device Password

Can't Set Device Password

This seems to be a recent issue. When I want to change my device password, I go to here and click the send password set button. From the email I recieve I get sent to a Spotify error page which says "Oh no! Something has gone wrong!". 


I've read up a bit on this and some people have suggested using the Facebook app password to login through the device. Since that password is one time use only, it will not work for my use case.


This seems to be a pretty critical error and I'm sure many people would appreciate if this could be fixed.

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I'm having this same exact issue. Tried 10+ times to set the device password, but each link in the email comus up with the "Oh no!" error. Using Facebook's password in combination with my email adress or device account number does not work. Even setting an app password within Facebook for spotify does not work.


Spotify please fix this issue.

I'm having this issue too.

I thought it was my account because I initially created the account when I was based in Australia and now have changed to Singapore (account changed) but my billing goes through SingTel (mobile provider).


Hope Spotify fixes this soon.

Exact same problem for me. Have had it for several weeks now that I am unable to use spotify on my notebook.

I'm having the same problem. It is super annoying, and defeats the purpose of having something like Spotify to listen to music across devices. My trouble happens to be with my desktop.

Same... Will cancel if I cannot get this working.

I'm having the same problem. I want to deactivate Facebook but I cannot, because Spotify keeps telling me "oops something went wront" with device password setup.


As soon as I can set a device password, then hopefully I can delete or deactivate my stupid Facebook account.

It figured it out on my end.


For me it worked by not logging in via facebook on the login screen, but instead go to your facebook account --> Apps --> Spotify --> Scroll to the bottom and find your spotify user ID. Paste this ID in the login screen, together with your password. Worked for me now.


I figured it out with zero help or contact from anyone from spotify. This is the second time I had a major issue with spotify in the last years. Both times it was due to the horrible mistake of initially setting up my spotify acount with facebook.


@spotify: Seriously, this thread is one of many for this or related topics. Nowhere have I seen anyone from Spotify get involved, giving advise, fedback or at least a short message, saying someone will take care of things. I like the service Spotify, which is why I will continue to use it. I am however still head-shaking about the non-existence of any customer support whatsoever. Hire just one guy and let him moderate this forum . It would increase customer satisfaction massively and work for a better retention too, because I doubt that all people are as patient and naively loyal as I am. Not sure though how I will behave next time when I am unable to use your  services, which I pay for,


Good luck to everyone else getting this issue sorted.

I have the same issue. Got in touch with contact and am getting BS answers and automatic replies. Hope this workaround works. I tried in the normal app but it didnt...

Hopefully on my TV it does.

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