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Can't log in

Can't log in

Hey community,


I need some help. I can't log into my account. When I try to do that on, Chrome tells me I am forwarded too many times and should delete my cookies. When I do that and try again, I get the same error over and over again.
When I enter my mail address, it tells me there is no account even though I had it two days ago and never cancelled.


I need some help guys, as soon as possible. I'm nothing without music...


Best regards,


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Hi. Welcome to The Community. have you tried resetting your Password. or does it say the account doesnt exist when you try to do that?

I tried, but it said the account doesn't exist.

Hi there,


First off, I'd recommend you to try logging in again, this time on a different browser, or a private browsing session. 


Please take note that there are 2 ways to log in:


If you created your account through Facebook, then all you have to do is click LOG IN WITH FACEBOOK.


However, if you're account was created through Spotify, then you'd need to use your username (not your email address) and password to log in.


If it still didn't work, then I'd suggest you to contact Spotify directly through their Contact form, so they can check your account from their end, and to better explain what happened.


Hope it helps. Have a lovely day 🙂

AFAIK, my account was created via Facebook. Because I never used a Username for anything. I'm not so sure I even have one.

But when I login via Facebook, everything I described in the first post happens.


I already used the contact form. How long does an answer usually take?


Is there no live support chat?

Hi SebKow!


Since you used Facebook to create an account with Spotify, you will just need to click LOGIN WITH FACEBOOK in the Spotify login screen.


Make sure your Facebook account isn't deactivated, as it will not allow you to log in. If that's the case, you will need to contact Spotify customer support to help you with regain your access.


If you forgot your Facebook password, head over to the Facebook site to reset it.


More information on how you can log in successfully and troubleshoot the issue can be found here:



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