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Can't login to Spotify/Spotify is Offline

Can't login to Spotify/Spotify is Offline






(Oneplus 5t)

Operating System

Android Oxygen OS 

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 So, my Spotify premium has stopped working on my phone. It doesn't log in at all, and even if it does it's offline, disabling me from listening to anything besides my downloaded music. I thought it was a phone specific problem (Oneplus 5t) but as it turns out, it's not. As it works properly when I login from someone else's ID. And yes, I've deleted it and reinstalled it multiple times, and it seems to work for 15 minutes before it goes back**bleep**. Could someone PLEASE help me out, it's clearly an account related issue according to me, which I'm unable to figure out. I have NO intentions of making a new account because I'll lose all my music history. 

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try deleting the account and app and reinstall should work.

I tried it with a fresh account as well, it just refuses to work... same issues, either it logs and then goes offline in a half hour or it just gets stuck on 'logging in'.

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