Can't login to spotify at Onkyo device any mor


Re: Can't login to spotify at Onkyo device any mor

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I've just purchased an Onkyo TX-NR609 AV receiver and found that it also will work with my spotify premium account.  I get a login problem.  This is a litte annoying as I purchased this receiver on the strength of it connecting directly to Spotify.  I would guess that Spotify have changed login processes and aren't supporting legacy devices anymore.  

Fortunately I have a FireStick that does support Spotify connect and this appears to work fine.



Re: Can't login to spotify at Onkyo device any mor



I also have 2 ONKYO Tuners TX-NR609 and a TX-NR626

Spotify stopped working on both od them. I sunscribed to Spotify with the aim to listen to music using those tuners - and I think it is disgracefull to just stop supporting those devices - I will have to cancel my subscription and to ask for my money back for those months that the service has stopped



Re: Can't login to spotify at Onkyo device any mor


Hey support team,


I have the same problem. Can you please let me know how to strem Spotify on onkyo tx 8050?  I will appreciate your answer in English. 


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Re: Can't login to spotify at Onkyo device any mor


I agree this is extremely frustrating To withdraw support for these devices is unnacceptable. i don't want to have to buy a chromecast and have it plugged in all the time when esssentially ithe device I already own had natively supported my purposes but spotify thought this unimportant suddenly and withdrew the service without consulting its community. i am a new member on free trial and i love spotify and having great fun with it but this is a serious downer when I get home and want to listen to my newly found tunes on my main sound system. and i can't.  seriously making me reconsider a permanrnt subscription.  i am basically consigned to headphones and computer speakers. Don't want to buy another bluetooth speaker when i have hifi quality already sitting there!! Very disappointing decision. You should send all of us a chromecast to continue the service you have withdrawn from us...