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Cannot login with facebook

Cannot login with facebook

I cant login with spotify on any device. My account is a facebook account and on my phone the error message says "something went wrong. please try again later or try using email instead" other error codes I have gotten in the past couple days are "(auth=2)", "Error Code:1006", "You do not have a Spotify account connected to your Facebook account." On macbook it takes me from the app to a website that says "Spotify Facebook Authentication Failed" . Most recently the message it keeps giving is "You do not have a Spotify account connected to your Facebook....

I have had the student premium plan since december 2019. Payment was automatic until june when my membership didn't renew. I don't know why it stopped but I just changed the payment method. It wasn't my card before. It worked for a couple days but now I've had this problem for a week


Country- US



Macbook/ Samsung A10e





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Hi there @MrIkraw

thanks for reaching out !


The error numbers you provided are directly connected to a sign in issue.

A sign in issue can be solved by a few different steps which you can find on this support page.


Please follow the relevant steps and let me know how it goes.


Waiting on your update 🙂

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