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Charged for premium on free trial


Charged for premium on free trial

I've been charged 9.99 when I cancelled well before the 30 days were up. After trying to find a number to call, I find that I can only contact through the contact forms. After doing more research, I've seen how poor Spotify is in getting back to people with these problems. So not only can I not call to get immediate results, I have to wait for Spotify at their convenience to give me my money back. Which could be a couple months and another  9.99 charge.


Yes, I filled out your form to get help, but I don't get how an organization can get away with not posting some kind of customer service number. Especially when they're wrongfully taking peoples money. I've read a lot of cases having this same problem just in the past couple weeks.


I was a happy Spotify user until this happened, and this really puts a bitter taste in my mouth.

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This entire service is BS.  I could not get it to wrok and the only thing that has worked is theire billing.  You cannot talk to anyone so I am going to other sources to get my money refunded and and get these folks away from my bank account.  i would not sugggest using this service, I use others with no probelm

Hi Jamie,

Yes agree with you...I thought I had a month FREE trial with spotify.

Found Ive bee charged throuh paypal.

No one at spotify to answer my querry.

I've been on Premium for many months and I changed my cellular phone this weekend and now I'm on Free spotify but I already paid for Premium for the month. 


For some reason my account in on Free trial.  I have 2 accounts and I checked both of them and I'm not on Premium on either of them. 

I need my account be corrected back to Premium 



Hey everyone, 

Can anyone help me maybe - I had my younger siblings try the premium for free for 1 month- but ever since have i been charged 9.99 that is 100 danish kroner- every month-although when i go to the account they have the free service. 

Who can i contact and how-

Kindly help. 

This has also just happened to me. Cancelled months ago and I have been charged today. Not happy at all.

I'm facing the same issue now. Although Spotify mentioned that if you unsubscribe before the 30 days free trial end, they will not charge you. However, when I check my bank account Spotify has deducted S$9.99 from it, and I haven't even had 1 day of the free trial!

I haven't authorized any charges, nor have I accepted a free trial, nor have I subscribed for premium. Yet, I have a charge on my card for $119.88 for premium!!!! Called the number on my statement and it tells me to go to the spotify website help section. Nowhere in this section is there another contact number!!!! I am furious and very disappointed in the lack of customer service availability!!!! This is FRAUD!!!!!! 

I just got charged 9.99 after I cancelled before I got a fee. I want my money back. 

Where do I get I seems there is no reply and this is a very common issue with Spotify. 

Hi , I'm being charged CHECKCARD 05/05 SPOTIFY USA 646-8375380 NY $10.78 for using a free Spotify . I would like a refund please . I don't remember which account I used for the premium . I'm on a very low income. If you would please close the account and refund the money , I would really appreciate it . Thank you 


I have been charged since January for premium when I cancelled my premium subsciption. When I emailed Spotify support to complain and get my money back I only got a general not-helpful email. 


I have emailed again today and if I don't get a response and my money back I am going to tweet at them constantly until I get some help. 


I will never use Spotify again. This customer service is terrible. 



I have been charged 9.99 and I have a free account too.  So I don't have premium but where did this charge come from, and I want my money back!!

Terrible customer service, and illegal use of my paypal account by spotify!!

I expect a refund before this transaction goes through!!

I have been charged 9.99 for no reason.  I didn't want it, and didn't sign up for it. If you're going to take my money from a card with no balance, I'm now going to be given a fine from my bank. Thanks, Spotify!!
Is this charge legal?????






I already tried to cancel through PayPal, and the charge is pending. They won't help me. So I want a refund for my 9.99 unauthorized payment placed back on my card.

Good luck with that!

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