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Error code: 3


Error code: 3

Can't log in due to error code 3. anyone have a fix yet?

78 Replies

Me too having the same issue not matter what user name/e-mail I use I can't seem to login to the software, keeps saying error 3. I am able to login to the webside via my user name and password but this will not work with the software.

this worked thanksss

moi j'ai le meme problème je vien de me connecter avec un autre compte il juste suivre votre encien compte 😜




Just has the same problem and solved it by just typing my user name ratheer than my email address.


Hope it works for you.

@tcsp4m wrote:

Can't log in due to error code 3. anyone have a fix yet?


Guys, SOLUTION for ERROR CODE 3 : Login username should be a username and NOT your email ID. Try it, it'll work..!! God bless ya'll..

same problem, solved it by just typing my user name ratheer than my email

I just signed up for premium, downloaded the application onto my macbook air. It won't let me log in. Error code 3. I tried every combination of username or full email. Even changed password. Changing your password requires the current password....... so why can't I log in. This needs to get fixed. Also can't log in on my phone. Do I have to wait to be charged in order to use spotify or something?

You need to add -us
spotify username is username-us (united states)

Quand je suis allé à mon programme de virus Modifié les paramêtres de pare-feu Parce Que mon antivirus et je les changer





I had this exact problem as well. I typically use Facebook to log in to my account. So all I had to do is go to reset the the password.. Then logged in using the same credentials as Facebook. Seemed to fix this issue!



This worked thanks! Apparently online you have to use the entire email but if you use your desktop app it only wants the username.


Thanks so much!  I just tried that too and it worked!  I had my email address instead of my username.  Once I eliminated everything after the @ symbol, I logged just fine.


Thanks again!


This worked for me! Thanks!

I only write my username int the E-Mail box.


When entering username on the PC, use instead of

This promptly worked for me too!
Thank you

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