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Family Account

Is there any option to create some sort of family plan. I have 4 people in my family that use the mobile application, but we do want to be charged 4 seperate times a month for the premium service. Currently we are constantly getting the message that spotify has been paused because the account is used somewhere else. I would be willing to pay a little extra for this convience. Any thoughts?

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Hi TrevorStarr


Spotify accounts are set up for personal use only--for more information please see this similar thread


I also recommend leaving your feedback regarding family accounts on our ideas board--we keep a close on these for feedback from our users.

Yes unfortunately!!

I'll have to say no thank you Spotify. Two teenagers, the wife and me - thats to expencive!! So until you have made a family-license see you.


I'm switching to from Spotify to Wimp today because Wimp has a family account.



Any news on this idea? I cannot believe this is still the case? My wife and I love spotify and are willing to purchase one $10 account per month. (This is actually a lot of money considering some other music services are as low as $1 a month right now.)


If I don't see a response with an action for listening to customer feedback, I'm cancelling my account and moving over to a service that isn't as expensive.

The main ideas thread is here.

I'm guessing the team are still trying to work out a licensing deal that would allow this, as currently Spotify is only licensed for single personal use. My guess is it would still be more than £10 a month if you want multiple users if this system is ever implemented. 



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hi, can you tell me the latest status on the Family Account options, I have a family of five, all wanting to play music simultaneously and this option, if and when it comes along, seems to be the best option for us

Hey there.

We have no update on this at the moment. The second we do, we'll try and update the appropriate threads.
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thanks, I'll keep looking for updates

I will pay for it the second after.

I believe this to be a major issue for a lot of people. I am a happy premium user since many years but this needs to be addressed promptly or I will look elsewhere for an online music service ...

I want a family plan. This is important to me and if a service with equivalent service offers it I will move to it.

Have you all taken a look at the idea posted earlier in this thread:


I definitely recommend adding your Kudos and comments there as well. As you can see, this is currently under consideration. 

Lost anthor customer after spending hours trying to figure out your program we learn that there is no family plan with 3 children and a husband this will not work

Yeah,  I've been a free memeber for a long time.  Premium would be great, but I prob will never move to premium until there is a family option.   All the members of our house just use it on the free account so there would be too pricey to create an account for each person.    

So, if other streaming services have a family account, then I'll definitely switch all of us over. I can most likely save lots of money that way - we are 5 in my familily. Thanx for the tips guys - I'll definitely check out WiMP right away!

Are there new Plans concerning the Family-Account? We are 4 People, and at this time, we pay for 2 Accounts, but we would like to have 4 Accounts.

But that is too expensive (4 People = 40 Euro with mobile usage)



Spotify haven't announced any plans to subscriptions for families, but it might happen in the future. Be sure you have added your vote here:

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any news on family plans?

Someone have been listening!! Telia in Sweden announced the family package yesterday (sorry, in swedish only)

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