Has my account been deleted for no reason at all?


Has my account been deleted for no reason at all?







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Ever since this morning, I lost all access to my Spotify account from all devices for no reason at all. I even tried to ask for a password reset, but I received no mail whatsoever: even though my public profile page is still accessible, I have no way to log in. What it looks like to me is that my account has been abruptly banned, even though I've been a loyal Spotify user AND paying customer for years and years. I lost all access to my playlists, liked tracks and so on - with no way to get them back.


I tried to reach out to Spotify's customer service, and surprisingly I've gotten redirected here with an automated message: considering how my previous account got nuked all of a sudden I can't say that I wasn't expecting this, but even then I'm still disappointed. Can I get some solutions and/or answers? Thanks in advance.

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Re: Has my account been deleted for no reason at all?

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Was your phone rooted or were you using any modifications for the spotify application to get premium features free? That could possible cause a ban but I'm not entirely sure.

Be sure to check your spam folder, and verify your email address is associated with the account in question. Possibly you logged in with Facebook too?

best of luck