Invalid username or password error


Invalid username or password error

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I'm using the linux desktop version of spotify on my workstation. Yesterday I noticed that the application logged out from my account. After that I tried to login. But invalid username or password error occured. I tried with browser and the same error occured. I can login with my FB account on my mobile phone. But I can not access to FB at work. So I can't use the spotify on my workstation.


I tried to reset my password, but I haven't recieved any e-mail. How can I solve this problem?

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Hey @omergok!


Sorry to hear you've lost access to your Spotify account. I'll do my best to help you out.


Let's try following all the steps here to make sure you have the correct account details.


Just to confirm, when you use your Spotify account from your phone, do you notice any strange behaviours, like music playing that you didn't choose or playlists being deleted?


Keep us posted.

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