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Library Song Limit

Spotify staff-


I recently reached the 10,000 song limit in my library, which is a great disappointment.  As a loyal customer for over 3 years, I have thoroughly enjoyed your product, so much that I have shifted to using it as my main source of music collection.  There must be some way that you can enable "super users" to continue to file and organize their music over this arbitrary limit.  


There may not be many of us, but (and this should be obvious) those of us that actually reach this limit are your core constituents.  We are passionate about music and your product, and I can tell you that I have gotten at least 20 people to sign up to Spotify Premium over the past couple of years as I have raved about it.  I will continue to do so, with the caveat that Spotify just isn't yet ready to become a full-fledged music library of record for musical aficianados, much to my disappointment.


One more thought: You may find interest in the creation of some type of super user account that would allow you to charge SLIGHTLY more for those of us who desire or require a higher song limit (say, unlimited...) without having to alter the accounts of your millions of users.  Bottom line is that unlimited should mean unlimited, especially in this age of big data, but a 10,000 song cap with no alternative is absurd.




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The limit really needs to be increased. I can understand that there should be a limit on the number of songs that should be downloaded, however, I am referring to simply the ability to add songs/albums without downloading them.  I would like to be able to document the song/albums that I would like to return to, and the library is the only way to do it. This limitation really prevents users from exploring new music once their library is full. From a technical perspective, I cannot imagine there being any significant cost to spotify to change this. What is preventing this from a technical and/or business perspective?

I agree

I can't seem to get logged in so I'm using this reply to make a statement.
however. You all need to give it up. Move on to Apple or Amazon.
Actually, I like Amazon. As for as this issue, they said in 2014 they were
looking at it. I suppose we know the outcome. I got off Spotify 2 years
ago. You all need to do the same. Please post this if you really want to
accomplish anything. Spotify is ignoring you. Just quit. If enough subs
drop it, they will increase it.

LOLOLOLOLOL it triggers when adding your local music collection?


Arbitrary hard-limit: confirmed

Is it too much of a stretch to classify this as low-key extortion?

I wish people would stop... 

There are so many options... use another service.  Spotify is far from the only game in town.  Talk with your wallet and they will eventually listen.  


But I will say from the time I first found this issue, until now, spotify has done nothing but grown as a service.  So there you go... this is not impacting them at the least.  


I went with Apple music and could not be happier.  Great service.  

Stop what? Bringing these issues up?


I respectfully disagree. I think the more noise and the bigger the paper trail of issues/complaints makes it so they aren't able to attempt to backtrack or double-down by saying no one ever brought it up or it was only brought up once or twice.


I have already subscribed to [ANOTHER WORD FOR A RAINFOREST LOCATED IN SOUTH AMERICA] Prime Music and have been testing it with the various options (ie: audio bitrates), flexibility (ie: alexa/sonos devices) as well as portbility (although it's a bloated **bleep**, Spotify does provide a native Electron client for Linux desktops).

No... stop being so freaking dramatic when there are other services out there.  LOL


I think people should bring it up... and often.  


At the end, I don't think it will matter though.  And that is unfortunate.  I've been following this for years now.  That is sad.  

I posted a few weeks ago about discovering this limit with my trial of Spotify. I was disappointed, but really was ready to move to Spotify in my head, so thought maybe I could make it work (using playlists w/o adding to library, for example). Over my few weeks on a trial, I've realized it's not really workable without being a PITA. So I'll just stick with my current provider and cancel Spotify before being charged.

@eldsjal With Amazon’s announcement yesterday, it’s now critical to raise the 10,000 songs limit in Your Library. The message boards are filled with posts from Spotify subscribers begging for this! I’ll bet Daniel Ek isn’t even aware this is such a huge issue.

You are kidding yourself if you think this is a huge issue.  You must not have read Spotify's answer to this very issue a couple of years ago (really, YEARS ago!).  Maybe huge for you and a couple of more people, but not to spotify.   Matter of fact, their reply, as read below, really says "get off our platform, hogging up our resources.  Glad to see you go!"  


Here was their offcial reply:


Hey folks, we're back to give this idea a bit of an update. 

As we've previously said, less than 1% of users are reaching this Your Music limit. The current limit ensures a great experience for 99% of users instead of an "OK" experience for 100%. 


We've kept a close eye on your feedback though and we agree if a solution for this could be met it would be beneficial for everyone. While this isn't in our current timeline we're changing this to "Good Idea" and we'll update you if we have any info. Thanks!

Ok, so I've hit this limit. How can I easaly convert this huge list of songs into some libarries? I think I can export via csv in the web version perhaps?

If anyone has some tips....

Oh no...
you cant export via csv (at least not with tools that spotify provides you.)

you can make your playlist public and shared
than follow your playlist/account

Is a fab tool for importing, exporting and keeping in sync multiple services. Helped my migration away from the 10K song limit. Now with Tidal... Good move.

Do the other streaming platforms that have higher or unlimited song limits (Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal, etc.) have the crossfade feature? This is a key reason I haven’t switched from Spotify - yet. 

I never heard about that feature.... but a quick google search states Apple music has it.  Google "crossfade feature" and add the service you want to search.  Searching for Apple music would be "crossfade feature Apple music".  Simple enough...

Can you tell if there is a way to only add albums, to circumvent this limit?

In general there is 10 tracks on an album, and I thought I was mostly adding albums, but now I have reached this limit as well. (Yes, I might have 1000 records in my collection.)

Just click the 1st song in an album. When that artist selected you will get
a list of 1st song of each album. The click 'album' and walla the whole
album appears.

Just wrote to the author of this article ( which was just published in Consumer Reports. Hopefully he can get it to the right people at Spotify executive management.


"Just read your Spotify vs. Apple Music article. Great analysis - though one HUGE issue with Spotify is the 10,000 song limit in Your Library. There are tons of complaints on their community message boards from people like me who easily reach that limit. The limit is not for downloaded songs - it’s simply for inclusion in your library. If you think about it, only 1,000 albums at an average of 10 songs per album, easily reaches their limit of 10,000 songs. I wish Daniel Ek knew how much angst there was amongst their Premium paying subscribers with this huge issue. Thanks for anything you can do to push it!"





What an good solution! Thanks!!!

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