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Log everyone out of my Spotify

Log everyone out of my Spotify

I keep getting "your account is being used somewhere else". Can I force logout all instances of my account?

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All of these devices do support Spotify Connect. The Web Player doesn't support Spotify Connect so it is worth checking if you aren't accidently using the Web Player in a hidden tab.

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Thats good to know, but Im 100% sure Im not using it on any of my machines.  BTW I really apreciate that you are trying to help me.



Okay Jordi,


I have uninstalled Spotify on all my devices (home pc, work pc and mobile phone)

Logged in to my account on Spotify and changed my password.

Signed out everywhere

Reinstalled Spotify on my devices.


I will keep you posted on what happens. Typically its 1 to 3 days before I see the "Spotify has been paused...." message again. I'll keep you posted as to what happens.


PS, I never listen to spotify via the web. I always use the downloaded app.


Thanks for helping troubleshoot the issue.



I have the same issue guys..has it been fixed for you?

That did not work for me, any other recommendations?

@Bergerdave wrote:
That did not work for me, any other recommendations?

If you've changed your Facebook password and selected 'Sign Out Everywhere' from the Account overview page, the next step is to restart your computer. If it still occurs then, you'll need to get in touch with Spotify staff through the contact form, and they'll be able to sort this out for you.

Having the same issue with the web client on my computer. 

Hey, I've been having this same issue for some time and have taken all the steps you have - very frustrating. Did you ever get it resolved?

This solution didn't work for me. I have all the same symptoms as the others. It may also be worth noting that I have a shared account with my wife, but we have different logins. Does this have anything to do with it?

In my case the prolem was an alarm app that I had installed in my Android phone.  It was supposed to play a spotify playlist as my alarm, but some how was taking over my account. (I wondered if my credentials were leaked somehow or maybe Im just paranoid).  Anyway I got rid of it, changed my password and the problem went away.

If only Spotify had an alarm clock in its app...

I have this issue. I have the premium family account and my wife's account always gives the 'paused bc used elsewhere' message and she literally only uses it on her phone. She has here own account from one of the available slots and this is a real pain in the **bleep**. Not paying for spotty service!

I've had this issue intermittently for the last few months. I've gone as far as deleting the apps on my 2 iPads and on my mac. I've also logged myself out of all devices from the website, reinstalled the app on my iPhone, and changed my Facebook password; multiple times.

I'm also getting this problem all the time and have logged out of spotify on all of my devices multiple times.


I do use Spotify on my Sonos player and have set up a spotify playlist to play every morning at 7 am. Could this be the cause of the issue?

I have Spotify Premium family account and my boyfriends is the only other person on teh account - we have seperate log ins, but he is getting this messge all the time when he plays music on his phone! 


If anyone has a solution please share! 

I am also experiencing the same issue on a premium account. Was only logged in on my personal and work phones so logged out on work phone, and the log out everywhere online, and still happening. My login is facebook instead of email. Please help it just started today and it's so frustrating!

Same problem here. Spotify pausing constantly even though I logged out from everywhere else!

Same issue here.  I have Spotify on my Galaxy S6, my Windows 10 laptop, WIndows 10 desktop and Samsung Smart TV.  I've 'logged out of all devices' multiple times.  Changed password multiple times.  Still, the problem persists.   

Spotify support got back to me really quickly and apparently my Facebook had actually been hacked! I didn't notice weird activity on either account so I didn't think it could have happened... but since I changed my FB password and use that to login to Spotify all is right with the world again.

I don't use Sonos at all and this is happening to me. Some days it's fine. Other days it happens constantly (like today). 
I have also logged out of all devices remotely. And changed my password. Still having the same issue. 
I can't find Help info about this anywhere. 

For me the fix was to go to the account and check out the apps I had connected. I removed Sonos and it fixed it.  

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