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MY Spotify account has been hacked

MY Spotify account has been hacked

I woke up this morning to an email from Spotify saying

''We've updated your email address'' which updated it to an email I've never glimpsed upon my entire life. I've sent two emails to but this should be treated as an urgent matter, hence I am posting this on the community page. Please do fix this since I find this imbroglio caused by this miscreant fartnugget infuriating and I've had premium almost a year now with no issues whatsoever.

Could you please treat this as a matter of urgency. I am very uncomfortable with a hobnobber having access to my account. (I'm using another spotify account to post this)


THIS is the parasite's email:


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Hi there!

Thanks for bringing this to the attention of the Community! If you've followed the steps in that email, the Spotify Team will start an investigation ASAP 🙂

If you haven't received a reply within a week, let me know!


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