Not enough data for Wrapped 2017 playlist?


Not enough data for Wrapped 2017 playlist?

When I go to link my account to look at my year in review playlist I get the response,


"Unfortunately, we dont have enough data about how you listened this year to serve you the full experience."


Im not sure how this is the case because I use spotify pretty much everyday and should definitely enough data for this playlist, I had a 2016 playlist so why wouldnt it work this year? 


Anyone know of any fixes?


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I was having this issue too, but someone on Reddit made a fix for Chrome users --


open up the Chrome console (ctrl+shift+j, or cmd+opt+j for mac), enter the code, hit enter, and then click on the "connect with spotify" button in the webpage. it's supposed to keep the site from triggering the error message. 

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Found a solution on reddit! All the credits go to 'monxer'. 


Before clicking the connect button paste the code from below in your chrome console and press enter, it should work now after connecting:


 get=function(url,options={credentials:"same-origin"}){let promise=Promise.create();return options.method="GET",fetch(url,options).then(function handleResponse(e){if(!e.ok)return promise.reject(e);e.text().then(text=>{if(text.charAt(0).includes(["[","{"]))try{var res=JSON.parse(text);res.success=!0;res.holdout=!1;promise.resolve(res)}catch(err){promise.resolve(text)}else promise.resolve(text)})}).catch(promise.reject),promise}
Original reddit post:


It worked for me guys! Cheers!

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FIXED I had the same problem, tried different browsers and iphone and mac, as well as the fix posted on reddit to be put into the chrome console. None of it worked and i continued to get the "not enough data error message". Out of curiosity I opened Spotify on my mac and simply searched in the search bar "Your Top Songs 2017" (same name as last years playlist but with current year) INSTEAD of clicking on the Wrapped link that leads you to the facebook sign in and error message. It was right there! All I had to do was follow it. Hope this works for others. 

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I'm having the same problem, weird.

Same happening for me...

Same here, use it every day.


Me too, and listen every day 

same here,only had spotify since 2012 though so maybe i haven't had it long enough? 

I've used Spotify so much this year, and it's really disappointing that they have data for other users, but not us -- whats the deal?

I'm really curious to see how many minutes I have or my most played artist / track. Please, spotify, do something.

I also have this problem and its a little disappointed that spotify dont have enough information of my music preferences even though my paper for my specialization was about spotify and the consumption habits around this app. I used this app everyday at least 1 hour. I hope you can solve this. 

Same here 😞

Not working for me, and I listen to spotify at least a couple of hours a day. Worked in all the previous years, but not now. 

You need to have been active on spotify from January 1-November 1 of this year but I'm pretty sure I was and it's still not working

I was and its not working, pretty sad cos I look forward to this every year

I have the same problem. and I'm an active member almost 24 hours and 365 day. I want to know if they have an explanation for this and fix the issue. Big problem for me 



Just refresh. Go to the link again and authorize again. Worked for me. 

This is definitely not working for me

same for me and I listen everyday

Same here, even though I'm a pretty active member. 😞

Same here :// Really wanted to see this...

I've had the same problem in Google Chrome - it worked in Safari! Maybe try a different browser?

Just tried it. Doesn't work! But good suggestion

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