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One of my playlist has been deleted

One of my playlist has been deleted

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Hi everyone,

One of my playlist, with several thousand followers has been deleted. I would like to know why and get it back. I had no prior information to correct what could be the problem.


Email received from spotify:



We have found the following content to be in violation of our content policies, and we have removed it. Please see our Spotify Terms and Conditions of Use for more information.





Can I recover my playlist, knowing that I contacted customer service 4 times, without success ?




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Hey @Geek33000

Usually, if Spotify takes down a playlist, there is little way to recover it. If you cannot recover it on this page, and you've contacted Spotify support, there's nothing I know of that you can do.


Out of curiosity, by which means did you contact Spotify support?

Thank you for your reply.

Unfortunately, I don't see my playlist on your link.


I contacted them four times by chat and sent an email which did not receive a response.I was told over chat that they were trying to find the playlist and bring it back, but that didn't work. In the end it has completely disappeared, it is no longer visible at all.

I think it's abuse to delete a playlist without knowing why. It does not make me want to stay on this service.

I'm sorry that your playlist was removed. It appears commonplace lately to remove offending content from platforms (recently the big one has been YouTube) and not actually tell you why.


From what I've seen, playlists can usually be removed because of custom artwork. If you upload a copyrighted image, for example, the image or your playlist may be removed.


I wish you luck in trying to recover or recreate your playlist.







Disclaimer: I am by no means affiliated with Spotify.

Thanks ! Well I will probably give my money to another platform and migrate my playlists elsewhere.

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