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PC cannot find Chromecast Audio directly from app.

PC cannot find Chromecast Audio directly from app.

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Win10 & Win7 (also use Android 8.1 & 9.0)



As in title, I see this has been an ongoing issue for several years!

The only work around seems to be using the web player through Chrome!


Anyone know a direct way?



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Hi there @cj66,

thanks for reaching out to the community !


Correct me if i miss understood but we're talking about playing your Spotify app on your external device connected to Google Chromecast am i right ?


If that's the case, there's an ongoing issue related to what you're experiencing.

Please make sure to check it here and to subscribe to it in order get all the updates in real time.


Let me know if you have any further questions 🙂

No! thats not the issue!   This is 

I really don't know why spotify not being able to fix this yet! 

As other post Spotify regularly cannot find Chromecast devices from the PC app. 

There are two work arounds, use your phone to find it then the PC can and then you switch device back to PC.

Or use google cast.

Several years on and still no proper fix. 

The other thread linked to has been very dishonestly marked as cured, well that's a straight lie!

It really is about time this 5 year old fault was fixed.

What if you're using PC because your phone is out of action, opps cannot get PC to connect.

Google cast is not much help if the music is local! Yes you can use Home but do any other software companies say "Hey, we know it's a major bug but if you use someone else's software to kick its **bleep** it will then work".

Oh yes, I can see it now, I'm having problems with function X on my iOS problem sir, just plug in WinOS to use it!!!!

Totally rediculous, we are paying for a fully functioning app, lets have it.

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