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Re: Getting Popups with Premium

Casual Listener

I am having the same issues mentioned by other premium users regarding uninvited popups. It appears months have passed yet no concrete solution has been offered.


Re: Getting Popups with Premium


Hey everyone,


Thanks for reaching out with this one.


If you're referring to the Commercial Marquee, it's a sponsored announcement that allows artists to reach out to their fans and promote new music. The pop ups doesn't interrupt listening and can be dismissed altogether on Premium. Users will never receive more than 1 pop-up in a day and a maximum of 2 pop-ups per week. It will appear either when the user opens the app or navigates to their Home screen. You should only see announcements that are relevant to their music tastes


If you’d rather not see them and are on Premium, click Learn more the next time you receive a notification. From there, you can stop them showing for the artist you received the notification from, or stop them showing altogether.


Hope you find this useful. Keep us posted if you have any questions.

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Re: Getting Popups with Premium

Casual Listener
Thank you for your reply.

First of all, the Commercial Marquee is as you say it is--a commercial. As
a premium user who has unchecked every notification within my account
preferences, why in all fairness should I receive commercials if Spotify
promised, if not at the very least implied that a paid subscription would
stop them?

Secondly, not one reply from Spotify has accurately detailed how to stop
the Commercial Marquees. If you look carefully at the screenshot you will
not see any link which says "learn more."

Thirdly, the argument that the links have to do with artists and their fans
ignores the fact that premium users who have complained on this thread have
made it clear that the Commercial Marquees are not welcomed by all users.

Spotify has not substantiated the notion that Commercial Marquees are
reasonably exempt from what Spotify considers to be notifications. They may
not immediately interrupt the audio experience, but they in fact disrupt
the visual experience and delay song search results, which in effect
negatively impact the audio experience.

Finally, the solution to this problem may be a movement of Spotify users to
other streaming services, if Spotify does not fix this issue and the
appearance of dishonesty it suggests. Waiting for more premium users to
complain to take this matter seriously unintentionally offers unsatisfied
customers to other services for business.