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Roku Spotify app: Playlists not an option anymore (playlists gone)


Roku Spotify app: Playlists not an option anymore (playlists gone)

I have never had an issue with my Roku Spotify app before. I am running it on multiple Roku devices (a Roku 3 and Roku streaming sticks). As of today, I opened up the app on the Roku streaming stick and there was no playlist option - just "search" and "what's new". All of my playlists have gone. I am able to view them just fine from my phone app. I uninstalled the Roku app and reinstalled but still no playlist option. Help!!! I have tried the same on my Roku 3 and it still does not have an option to view playlists.

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They have fixed the problem, they just decided to drop their app from all Roku boxes.Jerks.

What? That’s crazy!

I have been a loyal Spotify customer for many years. Left rhapsody to subscribe to Spotify. Since Spotify no longer works on my roku, I have finally cancelled my subscription. Enough is enough! Bye Spotify. 

I've switched from Spotify family plan to Pandora Premium.  Their Roku channel is fantastic.  It's also not as draconian about limiting how many devices can stream the service at the same time, so I've been able to use Pandora in the car while going for groceries while the Pandora station continued playing at home. 

Spotify really blew it by dropping support for Roku. 


My hesitation with switching to Pandora is whether you can make playlists in addition to stations, and can you play entire albums of one artist.

Yes and yes. You can also download them for offline use--including
stations! I have a couple of stations downloaded to my fitbit ionic.

I signed up for Premium 60 day free trial on Pandora, but it’s not what I thought based on your post:

1) Says it works only on mobile devices
2) On Roku it does not show that I have Premium free trial - it says I am paying for Pus $4.99/month
3) I do not seem to be able to create Playlists or whole albums, just stations that are like before - varied

AmI missing something? Thanks for your help.

Looks like there is now a Roku app for Deezer. Goodbye Spotify.

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