See who follows my playlist?


See who follows my playlist?


I recently saw my playlist has 29 followers. Just curious and wanted to see who are following it. Is that an available option?

I remember few years ago when I used to get a notification when someone would follow me or my playlist.

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We need to know who follows our playlists.

Example, people with restraining orders, victims of domestic violence, people with stalkers.

Please reinstate this feature.

There is enough feedback & logic to support it.


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A user blocking feature would probably serve better. Cough... cough.. Spotify Im looking at you. 

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thank you sir


ps @spotify, the page gave me an error when i posted this. It said it failed, but it didn't, just fyi.


This "should" be fixed!  So we can see "who" follows our playlists!!!


Spotify is terrible at catering towards its users, terrible support as well. I'm currently on a plan with my family but we will be changing to apple music or youtube red next month. All I want to know is who is following my playlists so I can further understand the appeal, especially since it's most likely one of my acquaintances. 

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I want to explain again what annoys me!

At first:

I really do not want any sensitive data from my followers! Just where they come from (country - a flag would be nice) and the opportunity to see, especially listening to the music they like. This can not be so complicated.

The ability to contact people (should of course be turned off as a basic setting) might not be bad. No social network !!! Just the opportunity to pass on information about music! Maybe you should not be so scared of the haters in "real" social medias! It could be a bit more complicated, but not impossible.

and that's what really annoys me!
No matter if my ideas are good - or total **bleep**
Whether your ideas are good - or**bleep**
Nothing will change!







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Hey everyone,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community.


This idea has been suggested hereWe're keeping this idea as 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts.


Have a nice day 🙂