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Shocking security - FIX!

Shocking security - FIX!

So, my account has recently been hacked, this is primarily because the Spotify login process allows infinite rety attempts with no rate limiting or lockouts.


Spotify also allows email changes without any verification from the existing account. It just tells you afterwards which is pointless from a security perspective.


Spotify security (or complete lack thereof) also allows for password changes without any email verification.


The net result is that I have now lost all access to my premium account and Spotify aren't even responding to my emails regarding the glaring error in their security and the loss of my account access.


So my question here is...SPOTIFY REPLY TO MY EMAIL! A lot of my friends use Spotify so I've informed everyone via Facebook about this whole situation. If a resolution isn't received soon then you're going to be losing a lot of accounts and Apple Music will be getting quite a few new subscriptions...

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