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Spotify in Ukraine


Spotify in Ukraine


I have been waiting for the magic e-mail notifying launch in Ukraine for like a year or more. I would gladly use something else but Spotify is the best imo even though all the hype is long gone. Is there still hope or you already forgot about Ukraine?

70 Replies

I'm a Ukrainian living abroad but spend a considerable amount of time at home. I've just realized that the app doesn't work here. That's just sick and ridiculous! People can afford buying the premium account and are worth the chance to use spotify. I'm deeply concerned about the lack of action from the authorities.

Okay, so according to TechCrunch news , Spotify launched : "... in Thailand, where revenue from online music has actually declined by over 20 percent since 2012... " , with subscription priced at 129 THB, which is approx. 100 UAH.
What I'm trying to say, that there's tons of people willing to pay this money , or a bit more, to use Spotify across all of their devices. 

C'mon Spotify , make some action!!!!



Please launch Spotify in Ukraine. I use Google Music, Apple music, Deezer ... as well as many Ukrainians people. But I very love Spotify!!!
Stop to feed Google!

Скриншот 2017-08-27 00.26.41.png

Why wont Spotify launch in Ukraine? I'm originally from Ukraine and don't understand the logic behind this.

Look - recently VK was closed in Ukraine which was a main source of pirate musinc in Ukraine. So people start to look into alternatives how to legally listen to the music. What a chance!

Please launch Spotify in Ukraine. I would definitely buy premium and convince all my friends to use it.

Help! We need some music in Ukraine!

please launch spotify in ukraine 

(pic translation: "Ukraine, Spotify, field, river, blue grove" - from poem by T. Shevchenko)


We need this. I'm an artist and meloman, I've got lot's of friends who need this. Everybody's ready to spread the word. People need your playlists, fast service and lovely design. Artists want to be heard through Spotify. We believe in Spotify, it's future. 

I started talk on my facebook wall, find me, Vladislav Zarichnyuk

Join us, together our request will be more powerful. 

Any info about Spotify begin works in Ukraine?

This is really frustrating. Almost 3 years with Spotify, i have to use german ip to listen to music. 3 years of waiting and hoping for "Launch in Ukraine" but it seems like it will never happen. How long do we need to wait for the launch, 3, 5, 10 years? There are literally tens if not hundreds of thousands of ukrainians using Spotify. There is nothing better then Spotify, the amount of tracks is huge, also great features like Your Daily Mix, Discover Weekly, Radio, Stations, Podcasts, Playlists - this is all i cant imagine my life without! 

I think - need more messages in the subject, that they do something.


I think we should spread a word about this topic allover ukrainian mass media. 

If Spotify doesn't understand that after blocking vkontakte in Ukraine a huge amount of people started searching for online streaming music alternatives (and most of them found either google music, deezer or spotify) then they have really poor understanding of their market, because for this moment i cant see any better opportunity for them to open up for Ukraine. 

At now, they are moving in Asia, when they come back to Europe, it is unfortunately not known

I need an official spotify in Ukraine!


It has "roubles" so i really doubt its from ukrainian forum... 

+1 vote for Spotify in Ukraine!

Please make Spotifi available in Ukraine. I'm an avid music lover and I can not do without Spotifi

Hello, I live in the beautiful country of Ukraine, and my country also likes to listen to music and many people want to use the Spotify.
But we can not download it to our devices! In addition, our country, please, we wait for it already for 2 years!

Does not find - iOS:

Does not find - Android:

Please give us a chance to beat in place with Spotify! ❤️


Hey, come on, we have overthrown our last government in order to be a part of Europe and use Spotify. And not all of us are deadbeats, so we can pay, too. Google Music is cheaper and available here, but it's nothing compared to Spotify.

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