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Spotify keeps resetting my password

Spotify keeps resetting my password






Oneplus Nord 2, Lenovo Legion i7 slim

Operating System

Android 13 (Teramisu), Windows 11


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Spotify keeps resetting my password.


So Spotify keeps resetting my password every week.

Support said it was because I connect to too many devices, which is a bogus argument, because I'll be the one who decides how many devices I'm using unless you state in the subscription agreement that you are limited to a number of devices, but I couldn't find it anywhere.


Then they said as long you don't use any new devices it should be fine as they seem to think the Spotify algorithms learn from your behaviour. You guessed it the it doesn't, it doesn't learn a thing and just resets your password again when you are on a long drive and to reset it, you have to park your car somewhere, open your email and then reset the password to something else.


I'm sick and tired of this deprecated practise and babying of your customers. Facebook and other social media don't do this. you know why because they use two-factor authentication for example and just send the user a "Was this you?"message when you login with a new device.


If only the devs at Spotify could learn from user experience and other apps and just remove this behaviour that would be great.

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