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Suspended Account for Unauthorized Use


Suspended Account for Unauthorized Use






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I recently got an email stating: "It has come to Spotify’s attention that your account has engaged in unauthorized use of the Spotify service in violation of the Terms, including possibly engaging in unauthorized content downloads. Spotify has therefore suspended your access to the Service."


I message support and never got a response but my account suddenly became unsuspended. I assume they discovered I hadn't done anything in violation, but I was without service for a day trying to figure out why I couldn't log in.


Has anyone else had this issue? Just trying to figure out what happened or if one of my family members did something wrong.

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I'm currently in this situation and the Spotify team has disconnected on me twice w/out being able to offer any information into what is going on. They're response is, "We don't have any more information to share, but we'll be here if you need help with anything else." DUDE, I NEED HELP GETTING MY ACCOUNT REACTIVATED, lol. Spotify deactivated my AutoPay and everything for our Family Plan, and keeps closing our conversations meanwhile I can't log in and I've lost complete access to my account with no reasoning or explaination. The closest I got to ANYTHING was my initial Support rep telling me, "Upon checking, there is a different team that is working on your concern...". My account was deactivated Sunday, this is Tuesday and I still have no answers or access. Even my kids received emails from Spotify informing them the Family Plan had been canceled (NOT BY ME, THO).

I had to end my relationship with Spotify even though I am a Spotify Artist. There are no excuses for how they treat hacked accounts. Security on Spotify is so weak any savvy hacker can get past it by pretending to be you. Since the system does no real checking, they get in to your account and abuse it. Until Spotify fixes this, I am off the service and have no reason to return. I’ve been off the Premium account since September of 2022. I did find a much better service with You Tube Music. My stuff is also there and love to invite anyone and everyone to go visit that page instead of my Spotify page as I am no longer updating the page.

same issue for me aswell


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