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Hey Community,


We understand there are a lot of questions around Wrapped – this year’s take on Year in Music. So we’ve put together the following FAQ to help clear up any confusion!


What is Wrapped?

Wrapped is this year’s answer to Year in Music. It consists of three different things:

  • A hub in Browse > Genre & Moods full of playlists that highlight the best music 2016 had to offer.
  • A personalised ‘Your Top Songs 2016’ playlist. You can find yours in the Wrapped hub. Make sure you follow it!
  • Personal listening stats delivered directly to your inbox.


Why didn’t I get a Wrapped email?

To receive an email, you needed to meet the following criteria:

  • Have opted into News & Offers email notifications.
  • Have enough listening history from January – late October for us to serve up your stats.
  • Have a valid email address registered to your Spotify account.
  • There are some other scenarios that could mean you don’t receive an email. For example, if you’ve ever marked a Spotify email as spam, or we received a bounceback when sending you an email in the past. Unfortunately, this is out of our hands.

Update: We’ve finished rolling out a new batch of Wrapped emails. If you still haven’t gotten yours, it may be due to one of the reasons listed above. You can also check Browse for the "Your Top Songs 2016" personalised playlist.


Why did you change Year in Music?

We’d hoped to reach more people with this year’s campaign and we believe we have. We also really appreciate all the feedback you’ve given us here in the Community. We’re taking it all on board for next year.



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Why wouldn't you do the Year In Music site in addition to the email? We all get a ton of email, and many of us opt out of spam, so the way you've set it up makes one of our favorite features unobtainable. This is really disappointing.

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Good job! By reaching more people you made your dedicated users pissed off and lost some long-time subscribers. 


Maybe you should replace some of the employees who think ideas like these are good, instead of replacing beloved features. Those employees obviously do not konw what the community wants.

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Just as a little feedback, I enjoyed last year's a lot more. It seemed like it was a lot less troublesome, and it had more statitistics, which was really fun. Of course, you guys should do what you think is best. But I really liked last year's.

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I really hope they will do it better next year. It's just ridiculous that they can't resend it. I think my 12 premium payments per year should be sufficient for an email...

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We’d hoped to reach more people with this year’s campaign and we believe we have.


Nope. Sorry, gonna have to call bull**bleep**.


I know last year I discovered my "Year in music" because friends were posting theirs on twitter and facebook. I immediately did the same... to a LOT of people who never used spotify and really liked seeing that information.


The only thing people are sharing this year.. how they can't get theirs. SO, you may 'believe' you have in the post-truth era... but that's all it is.. belief because it's certainly not accurate.


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"We wanted to reach more people" How stupid do you think your users are that you would insult their intelligence like that? Explain to me how selectively sending something to a subset of users with zero notice reaches more people than making it available to ALL users from the app?


OR you made a grevious error in underestimating the popularity of the feature and/or decided you could nickel/dime people by forcing an email address out of them. I hope a few extra spam emails are worth all the bad publicity and lost accounts to your company. At least we can rest assured someone was fired over this. What a cluster**bleep**

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Obviously they should NOT do what they think is best as they don't seem to have a clue.

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Lost all the interest trying to lighten up you how you made added value for yourself from a customers view, just gave up with you, you guys won (by losing us. So I don't see you really winning here).
I just cannot understand how you don't seem to have any basic instincts about good customer service with this one.. By at least admitting that there's a chance you did miscalculate the situation.
No, you are saying that the one's who already knew about your statistic opportunities here and who can actually build their own bleeping playlists because of active using of your service. Those are the one's you don't want to serve anymore here. For the sake of the one's who in that case, might not even really have any use for that stuff. I do believe that there are large masses (newer, younger and older customers) out there who don't know how to use your last years web app, or that it even did exist, AS you aren't really that good at informing your customers (as seen with this 'email notifications' fiasco).
Last year you had tons loads of attention on social media cuz of your interested and active users shared their stats for their friends, that's how it started to spread. That's how you gain some of the customers here as you can read from the feedback.
So you had them and you had their money already, why do anything more here then.. You still have tons of this feedback, it seems like you own them. (Or would you owe them? Depends of the point of view.)

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Please stop editing your post every 2 minutes. I got over 15 mails because of that.