Year in Music 2016


Year in Music 2016


Is the year in music different this year? Last year, it told me my top artists by season, my top albums of the year, first song I listened to all year, and a bunch of stuff.. This year it told me my total minutes, gave me my top 100 playlist and that's pretty much it 😞



Hey Community,


We understand there are a lot of questions around Wrapped – this year’s take on Year in Music. So we’ve put together the following FAQ to help clear up any confusion!


What is Wrapped?

Wrapped is this year’s answer to Year in Music. It consists of three different things:

  • A hub in Browse > Genre & Moods full of playlists that highlight the best music 2016 had to offer.
  • A personalised ‘Your Top Songs 2016’ playlist. You can find yours in the Wrapped hub. Make sure you follow it!
  • Personal listening stats delivered directly to your inbox.


Why didn’t I get a Wrapped email?

To receive an email, you needed to meet the following criteria:

  • Have opted into News & Offers email notifications.
  • Have enough listening history from January – late October for us to serve up your stats.
  • Have a valid email address registered to your Spotify account.
  • There are some other scenarios that could mean you don’t receive an email. For example, if you’ve ever marked a Spotify email as spam, or we received a bounceback when sending you an email in the past. Unfortunately, this is out of our hands.

Update: We’ve finished rolling out a new batch of Wrapped emails. If you still haven’t gotten yours, it may be due to one of the reasons listed above. You can also check Browse for the "Your Top Songs 2016" personalised playlist.


Why did you change Year in Music?

We’d hoped to reach more people with this year’s campaign and we believe we have. We also really appreciate all the feedback you’ve given us here in the Community. We’re taking it all on board for next year.



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I don't have spotify marked as spam, have listened to plenty of music for it to work, and keep email notifications enabled at all times yet still haven't gotten anything. Any thoughts?


Tell your marketing/communication guy he/she's fired. 

I've been a paying customer for years and you don't send me the stats (I like stats) because I opted out from spam? meh.


This sucks. I had all the correct notification settings and have been subscribed to Premium since 2013. Even though this email seems to be way less exciting compared to the beautiful My Year in Music experiences in the past two years, I'd still like it to be resent. 


I was opted into News & Offers email notifications before Sunday, December 18th, 12:01 AM EST with my correct email. 


Stil no Year in Music.


Very disappointing 😞

Music Fan

same issue.


Casual Listener

Please bring back the statistics the way they were in the previous years. You could still email a base one out just also have more in the format they were before available for the many people who want it. Really disappointed with how this went this year since it was one of my favorite things about Spotify. Was really looking forward to the statistics all year. 

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I did all of these steps and still didn't get it (I did them way before Sunday). This is ridiculous.

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I meet all the criteia for Year In Music - i have received it every year since you started in 2014. I have been Premium Member for over 4 years. Woluld you look into why i've not got one please - my username jamesahayward


If we just opted in or clarified our email addresses today, is there no way we can request the Wrapped email?...


It would be more effective and guaranteed to have this special email sent to our Spotify inboxes rather than our emails. Its clearly not an "offer or promotion," just a bonus.

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This is the worst idea someone could ever have, we receive a million of spams everyday. I dont know what is wrong with you guys, but seems like you always take the worst idea, and them become then true. Are you even listening what the users want? Why not leave the retrospective as it has always been?

I'm really moving to others service, and i hope others users do the same.

Maybe this way you can see general dissatisfaction.

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I really dont know what is happening with Spotify, but i really GIVE UP.

The services, the interface, the customer service, its all worst every year.

Lets go Deezer.


Could you guys send the stats mail again? :D.



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so because of something that has been off by default (i've never changed any of those settings) since i made my account in 2012 i can't recieve my favourite part of spotify each year, the support is worthless and every response has been the same copy pasted "we can't do anything sorry better luck next year! you should have been opted in at the start of december even though we never notified you in any way shape or form that this would be happening"


it's absolutely stupid and i'm honestly considering migrating over to google play music since we finally have the tools to migrate playlists and automate uploading my music to them.


Thanks for the info Rorey. I've opted into news and offers emails. Now I will hope to receive the blast next week. However, I think it is rather redundant to limit this feature to users who subscribe to emails. It would be great to see Spotify make this feature available to users who go seeking it out. 

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I am beyond disappointed. I have had the Email Offers notification checked off and have been a member of Spotify since mid January of this year, and have gotten emails from Spotify all year long... but this one email has not been sent to me and I can't see my stats for 2016. 


I was really looking forward to this and met all the requirements to recieve this email, yet I'm still not getting it. This makes no sense, I must be missing something. 


tbh... the person that thought sending this out as a email needs to get bitchslapped... this isnt 1998 anymore..... i guess the person(s?) that thought THIS would be a good idea watched "you've got mail" too many times. People have enough spam as it is so they opt out of ad mails.... im baffled how you can **bleep** up such a beloved feature... there were so many ways to make it better but you found the only way to **bleep** off people and cripple an awesome feature.... *sigh* 

its really frustrating 

Casual Listener

We’d hoped to reach more people with this year’s campaign and we believe we have.


Nope. Sorry, gonna have to call bull**bleep**.


I know last year I discovered my "Year in music" because friends were posting theirs on twitter and facebook. I immediately did the same... to a LOT of people who never used spotify and really liked seeing that information.


The only thing people are sharing this year.. how they can't get theirs. SO, you may 'believe' you have in the post-truth era... but that's all it is.. belief because it's certainly not accurate.


Just as a little feedback, I enjoyed last year's a lot more. It seemed like it was a lot less troublesome, and it had more statitistics, which was really fun. Of course, you guys should do what you think is best. But I really liked last year's.

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Obviously they should NOT do what they think is best as they don't seem to have a clue.


Good job! By reaching more people you made your dedicated users pissed off and lost some long-time subscribers. 


Maybe you should replace some of the employees who think ideas like these are good, instead of replacing beloved features. Those employees obviously do not konw what the community wants.


Why wouldn't you do the Year In Music site in addition to the email? We all get a ton of email, and many of us opt out of spam, so the way you've set it up makes one of our favorite features unobtainable. This is really disappointing.