I've tried many solutions for this problem that were posted on this forum and none worked. Everyone seems to get get redirected to the CC information page when they click the invite link. However, everytime I click on my invite link, I see my invite URL for about a second in the browser bar :


(replaced the ID by X)

Then (logged in or not and with a mobile or desktop broswer - Chrome, FF and Edge) I always get redirected to https://www.spotify.com/ca-en/. Is this issue different because I live in Quebec Canada? I saw that maybe not all premium features were available for Quebec residents... 


Anyway.. after this I can either login or upgrade to premium, I don't see any form to fill or anything about Family Premium.


I even tried making a totally new account not connected to Facebook and sending an invite doesn't work either. I'm not even receiving the invite email, i've gotta ask the family account manager to manually send me the link every time.


What's up with that Spotify? I know for a fact that Deezer's invite system isn't messed up like this. Do you really wanna keep your customers? I suggest you start answering something else than generic FAQ answers and take this problem seriously.

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After about 3 hours I've finally received my family member's invitation by email. Now when I click the link, I get to a page that says this :


We're making a few little improvements. We'll be back real soon, promise. In the meantime, you might find these links useful:
I guess you guys are working on improving the invitation system right now?

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