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Android Notification Widget + Stopping Mid Song

Android Notification Widget + Stopping Mid Song

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Premium plan, problems on android with Galaxy S9+, spotify version


Hey everyone, so I realize that this has been happening for a while, but for some reason Spotify freezes with all notification widgets, include the android player on the lock screen. By this I mean that the pause, play, and next/previous song buttons dont work, even though the widgets will display the correct song (on occasion). This happens within a minute if the spotify app being in the background, or the phone being locked and unlocking it--I haven't been observant enough to be certain if it still happens while the phone has been unlocked since spotify was launched.


I really noticed the issue more recently when I got my Galaxy Buds and the controls on that weren't working for spotify. At first, I thought it was an issue with the galaxy buds, but in addition to them it seems like the app just locks out of all controls on the phone.


I've even been seeing some more frequent instances of the app stopping mid song, and then when I go back to the app, either one of two things happen:

Either the song starts from the beginning and I have to hit play again


The song and playlist disappear and I have to look for it again.


Just while typing this, my playlist has stopped 3 times already.


I'll also mention that I usually only listen to my offline playlist of ~400+ songs, to which I'm always adding new things. So Idk if this might have anything to do with the issue.


Thanks for the help!

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