App update - Can't sort artists alphabetically?


App update - Can't sort artists alphabetically?


The App updated this morning and now my artists page is sorted by last played so I can't find anything unless I scroll through the whole list. Can I change this so it sorts them alphabetically so I can actually find what I want quickly?

Not a fan of this update.




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Hey folks,


We appreciate your feedback on the new Your Library.


The best way to provide your feedback going forward is to vote for the idea which is relevant to your suggestion. Several users have already created a few relevant ideas, including:

To learn more about how saving music to Your Library works, make sure to check out this Spotify Answer.


If you're experiencing any issues which you believe are not the expected behaviour of the app, make sure to create a new thread in the relevant help board here - we can then jump in and help you troubleshoot your issue in that thread.


Thanks! Take care for now 🙂

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Hey @Menashubtill ,


Welcome to the Community!


Can you please share a screenshot of how your app looks like?


If you go to Artists, can you find this symbol next to the search bar? If yes, you'll just have to tap it and choose the way you want your Artists to be sorted.asdasd.jpg


Let me know how you get on 🙂

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Thanks for the reply and the welcome.

Sadly I do not have the symbol. Since the app updated I get a list of 'recommended artists' which is basically all the artist I already listen to listed in the order I last played them. It's unbelievably annoying as I can't now easily scroll to what I want to listen to but have to go through the whole list to find it. Seriously going to have to cancel my subscription if they don't change this, it's just rendered the app unusable.




If you swipe down, you should be able to see a search bar that says "Find in artists" and a button on the right of it labeled "Filters". Note that the "Filters" button brings up a window on the bottom of the screen with the label "Sort by" and, at least on my mobile device, two selections: "Artists" and "Recently added". So no alphabetical, but the 'search' bar can help. I found that typing a single character, e.g., 's', will bring up a list of artists NOT in alphabetical order, nor will they necessarily start with the letter 's'.


Hope this helps. I'm not really liking the new update. Seems pretty brokent to me.


I don’t have a filter logo buttob. Instead i have a button written filter on it. But when i choose to sort by names or most recent, it doesn’t work. Only shows me 4 artists



The only way to have them sorted alphabetically is to follow every single artist you have downloaded. Truly outstanding move Spotify.


Hey @Menashubtill ,


Were you following any artists before the update to the new "Your Library" experience? If so, can you still see those artists when you log in on Desktop?


Thanks 🙂

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Is this for real? We now have to follow artists if we want our library to be posted in alphabetical order? What a joke.



No, I don't follow any artists.


Ok, so I heard back from Spotify and they informed me that they "can't say when or if new features will be added" to the new app.

So basically 'sorry you're unhappy, tough - live with it.'

I'm off to pay my monthly subscription to someone else.  Think I'll give YouTube a try.

Thanks guys.


@Menashubtill , after the Your Library update, you need to follow artists in order for them to appear under Artists.  Also, when you click on the artist from Your Library, it will take you to the artist profile, instead of the saved songs you have from that artist.


I recommend you to take a look at this article to understand better these changes. 🙂 



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I'm not sure if it was purposeful it simply ironic, but your link describing how to use the new UI doesn't work. I found it funny at least 🙂


@Menashubtill That's disappointing to hear, guess I'll also have to drop Spotify since the app is completely unusable now. 


It takes me to the artist profile instead of the songs I have saved by that artist?

How is that helpful - making it take longer and giving me more links to navigate before I get to listen to the music I want?

Spotify staff have clearly been at the winegums.










I came here looking to solve the same problem. This is a terrible change. When I want to listen to my music, I just want to get to it and play it.

I have a family subscription, and we all hate this change. At least give the users some control to opt out of these so-called "features."

Terrible, unusable.


I have exactlly the same problem and am very unsatisfied with the option to follow all the artist! Hope this changes soon, so that the app gets useful again...

I actually just created my community account to proclaim my discontent about this problem. 


For crying out loud this! All I need from a music app is for it to be able to play music and sort the artists aplphabetically for easy access, everything else is optional. Spotify just removed one of the features. Is it too much to ask to sort your library alphabetically? Why should I not cancel my subscription and find something not designed by an **bleep**?

My artist list is sorted alphabetically by default but the only other option to filter is by 'recently added'. Also, we should not have to 'follow' an artist, as you suggested, for an artist to show up in the artist tab. If I have a song by an artist in my library OR on a playlist the artist should show up in the artist tab. Regardless, what you described is not how Spotify is now working on my android phone. When I click on an artist I have to stare at a blank screen for 30 seconds, highly annoying, or more sometimes and then I get a list of albums and songs IF I have 'liked' a song so it is 'added' to my library. If I just follow an artist, have a song on a playlist and have not 'liked' that song it doesn't show up in Artists and I am taken to the profile page for the artist. See video. Also, dialogs need to be reworked...check out the notification I received after unliking a song by 38 special so it is no longer in my library...notice what is playing.


This update definitely is making a distinction between what is in our 'libraries' and songs that may just be on a playlist. That isn't necessarily a bad thing but I do think this is different than how Spotify has worked in the past and the current implementation is not as intuitive as it could be. Finding a song in a playlist is broken when using the search function from the playlist tab. I have Hold on Loosely by 38 special on a running playlist and the pull down search from the playlist tab does not find it. I have to go into the playlist and search for the song to locate it. Also, we should have consistent functionality throughout the app for search/filter. Pull down doesn't work to bring up the search/filter box within a playlist. I have to click on the three dot menu and then scroll and select 'Find in Playlist' to search. Ugh. Please make playlists searchable with the pull down search/filter box.



I am experiencing the same issue. This is how I always search for the music I want to listen to. I am very unhappy about loosing this feature. 


I hope Spotify will consider fixing this issue (it is an issue). I don't know that I would continue with the service this way. 

It doesn't take me to the artist profile page.  For me it lists all of the tracks that I've liked or saved from that artist, but the list is sorted by the album that the songs are from.



Having the same issue.


First off I went there and it only allows sorting by recent and "artists"


The main issue is that artists not being directly followed, but are downloaded and in library, are listed as recommended artists and sorting can't be applied to them.


This newest update really **bleep** with the library manager, like the all songs tab is missing now too. the only part still working is albums. 


Also what happened to recents being gone from library?


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