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Play button on the left? Previous/Next button in the middle? please help!


Play button on the left? Previous/Next button in the middle? please help!







Galaxy S20 FE

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Android ver. 12


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I'm not sure why/when it happened, but today I noticed that the control buttons are rearranged! I've already tried reinstalling spotify, disable the canvas loop, nothing seems to be fixing it. If anyone has any ideas how to fix this please let me know! 





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Log in then out of your account on spotify. It works for some reason

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I'm having the same problem. I thought it was a bug at first but it seems like it might be intentional..? If that's the case, this is a really bad change, and the ux team needs to get themselves together. 

Same issue for me.

Play button supposed to be surrounded by prev/next but I can see play button on left and prev/next on right

same thing for me, it looks bad and is functionally awful - just noticed it today (Samsung Galaxy S20 FE)

I also have a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE and have this change since yesterday. Considering everyone has the same phone, this might be an unintentional bug? My friends with other phones don't have this change.

OnePlus 7 Pro here. I have the same issue. Maybe that's an Android thing?

Hey @GriffithFemto @xMcMx @IkPatrick @knife22 @AstadaMansta 


Spotify is always testing new things in the app, so what you are seeing is most likely a test.


Some tests are temporary, so it is possible that the now playing screen you see goes back to normal in the future.


Thanks for coming to the Community to post your feedback.

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Having the same issue with my Note 20 Ultra

same issue on huawei mate 20, please undo this it is awful. Looks bad and its absolut conter intutiv. 

I totally understand I'm probably in some A/B-test. Nevertheless, I'd like to stress that this change goes against all common practices of the entire period that CD's, casettes, video's and digital streams can be played and paused - as applied in old-school analog radio's, MP3-players, walkmans, and also digital apps.


So, please. Let the record show, also judging by the feedback on this forum, that this change is pretty much not popular and pretty much an outright downgrade from what we have been accustomed to for the last years.

Samsung A70 and same issue, cannot stand it at all as I've already accidentally unliked multiple songs trying to loop/unloop them.

Pixel 6 Pro - this button placement is both unattractive and annoying. Please fix it and allow users to opt in and out of tests like this instead of forcing them on a group of us like this. 

Samsung Note 8 and I'm having the same issue. It's really frustrating

Having the same issue as of today on my Note 20 Ultra, nice to know it's not just me.

I'm having the same issue both on Android and iOS. 

I'm a frontend developer, and for sure this looks ugly, unusual and disturbs the UX.

This is probably an A/B test but it is so awful and I would literally beg the UI/UX team to change it back if I could.

I am also having the same issue and would like to put on record its a bad change. 

(Phone is a Samsung S20+, Spotify verison is

This change occrued for me in the last hour of using Spotify.

Is it possible to opt out?

Wiping the cache, deleting the app data or even completely uninstalling the app didn't fix the newly introduced UI ugliness.

On my primary device I will have to resort to using the widget, status bar and lockscreen controls for now. On my remaining devices the change hasn't been rolled out yet luckily.

Some kick the UI geniuses who started this A/B test. It's awful.

The new mobile interface doesn't add any value. It is less intuitive to no longer have the play/pause centred with the forward/back icons on either side, and now it is more difficult for my fingers to reach the buttons when I hold my phone in one hand. The play on loop button is harder for me to use (too small!) Change it back please!!

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