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Playlists Stopping After Every Track, Also Two-Seconds of Silence Towards the End of Every Track

Playlists Stopping After Every Track, Also Two-Seconds of Silence Towards the End of Every Track

Every since the last update this past weekend, Spotify has been inserting two seconds of silence towards the end of every track. The gaps consistently occur approximately 5 seconds before the end of each track. I don't usually have crossfade turned on. I've tried turning it on, turning it off, nothing makes any difference.


When this isn't happening, Spotify has started stopping and freezing at the end of every track. This happens during album plays and also during customized playlists. If I go in and manual move forward to the next track, it starts up again, but often it just stops again at the end of the next track.


Finally, I'm also noticing that sometimes Spotify starts playing tracks but without sound.


Awful update, folks. Things were pretty good beforehand.


Edited to Add: I'm using an Amazon Fire Phone, and I'm a premium subscriber.

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My Oppo N1 got this issue as well. Spotify will no sound play after the second track. if i go pause and play again manually, it work again. 

is very annoying.. paying month subscription and get this issue... please fix it asap.. thankx

My spotify seems to mute play after most songs as well.  The manual (restart or pause and play) only fix sometimes turns the sound back on.  I got an update in january around the 15th.  I had no problems on my older version of the app.  Is there a way to get an old version of the app?

The latest update (feb. 3 2016) fixed the issue for me




this didn't fix it, it just made the stops less frequent so I thought that it was fixed.  


I have access to another phone which runs the android lollipop version, which seems to work fine with spotify.  my phone was running the jelly bean version.

The latest update mentioned above has NOT fixed my problem. It's still happening, and now I'm looking into alternative streaming services.

what version of android is your phone running? Can you upgrade to a newer version somehow?

I have the same issue with the no sound after each track. The song is playing apparently because the progress bar is moving but no sound. I have noticed it only happens when my screen is locked though. If i do not let the tablet fall asleep, and actually watch the track go to the next, the sound will continue as normal. It happens after every track of a spotify playlist like the ones under genres and moods. It does not happen everytime with a custom playlist, but once it does happen it will do it after every track from that point on.

I see this problem too - after playing a few tracks, spotify will appear to be playing the next in the sequence (whether that be an album or playlist) but there is no sound. If I stop the track and restart it i tstarts playing again. Spotify will play that track and maybe 1 or 2 more before sound stopping again.


This started when I updated to the latest version about 3 weeks ago, I've since updated again and am now running

I'm on premium

I'm running Android 4.2.2 on a Nexus4.

I've tried clearing the data from Settings, also I've tried uninstalling and re-installing (using Avast Clean after the uninstall to remove any lingering files).

Initially I had a lot of tracks saved locally to play while offline, but since clearing the data I now have very few. The phone currently has 3.4G of spare storage


I can report the same bug. I've downloaded the app a few days ago (since I'm premium user now) and everytime when I shuffle a playlist the audio is muted after 2 or 3 tracks, but the song is still playing.. very annoying, while I'm now paying money for Spotify! Please update! 😞


(I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, and a friend of mine which has a new Samsung edge smartphone has had the same problems)

Seems to be fixed! 🙂

Thanks Spotify!

I have an Android Galaxy S6 and Spotify does not work correctly when my phone is in "power saving mode."

I either get a message "track is unavailable" and I can not play anything that I do not already have saved in playlists; or,

Spotify stops playing after each track.


This doens't seem to be a problem with the app.  Rather, when I put my phone in Power Saving Mode, I receive a message that some of my apps may not work properly.  Makes sense, yeah?


These problems were easily solved for me by going into my settings and turning off Power Saving Mode.


I hope this helps some of you!

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