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Spotify on Android 8 & 2014 BMW F30 not displaying song metadata

Spotify on Android 8 & 2014 BMW F30 not displaying song metadata




OnePlus 5T with Android 8


2014 BMW F30 (ConnectedDrive) with latest software 

My Question or Issue

I've been using this setup for a few months now, and it was working perfectly until a couple of weeks ago when I updated the Spotify app on my phone. Now, it's no longer showing track name, artist, or any other info whatsoever, and it's pretty annoying. For example, if a play a song through the Youtube App, the video name is displayed correctly. 

Is there anything i can do to fix this? Are there any other users here that encountered this problem?



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Hey @ddan7! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


I'm sorry to hear that your BMW Connected Drive app is acting up.


Please be aware that this issue is already under investigation. Be sure to check this ongoing issues thread to stay updated on this. 


Have a nice day!


Yeah, so , as of today, besides the initial problem of track metadata not being displayed, now i can't even change the songs by using the car controls. Basically, what was working perfectly a month ago no longer works. Great job, spotify, great job... Instead of fixing stuff like this, you guys keep changing the UI (and making it worse than it was, obviously).

Same here. Been waiting for a couple of months already. I'm getting so annoyed i consider switching apps. Why change something that works well.

I have found a solution: I uninstalled the latest version of the app and installed an older version that I downloaded here. I downloaded a version that was released around december 2018, since I knew that version would work with my car. Now, when I update all my android apps I make sure that I don't update Spotify.

Same, I'm having the same issue with my OnePlus 6 on Android 9 and my 2015 Mercedes-Benz C300. Hope this gets fixed soon, it's a shame. For now I've rolled back to a December version of the app. 

Thank you very much for the advice. I have just one question - will i have my playlists and song saved?

All playlists are saved on your spotify account, they've got nothing to do with the android app. The only thing you need to do after installing an older version of spotify is to go through the settings again and customize it, and then eventually re-download all the playlists that you previously downloaded to the internal storage of your device. That's it!

I have had the same problem since March, too. The latest working version is for Android. I have the same problem with many different Nokia Android phones running Android 9. The car is BMW 5-series F11 2015.

I just recently upgraded to the OnePlus 7 Pro Mclaren Edition phone, tried using Spotify in my car through Bluetooth, which is a 2016 Subaru Crosstrek, and now the song and artist information isn't pulling up. 


Before on my OnePlus 6T, I never had that issue, and it also came with the most recent version of Spotify and Android 10. 


It's pretty frustrating that it's not working, especially since I had that same issue when I had a Samsung Galaxy S8 before my 6T.

I know the feeling, my friend.

I've an old samsung S5 with Android 6, and Spotify is working okay with my F30. However, I've decided to move over to iPhone since Android + Spotify + BMW isn't a good combo. 

Yeah it's so weird with my Subaru, because I essentially have the newer version of the phone I had before I upgraded, and that worked just fine displaying the Song Title, Artist, and Album. Why can't just things be consistent?

If i were you, I'd try installing an older version of Spotify. And then if there's a version that works, turn off automatic updates.
That's what i did on my OP5T, found an old APK that worked (although steering wheel controls still don't work,but at least i can see song/artist name) and turn off automatic updates.

I tried that as well. No luck...

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