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Unhide song


Unhide song

How do I Unhide a song in the android Spotify app. I accidentally clicked the - minus sign next to a song while it was playing which gave me the message song hidden. Also, just to clarify, I'm not talking about a plalist.


Galaxy s8

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Hi there @harukifuku24,

Thanks for letting us know!

Have you already tried the steps, mentioned by @Alex?
If yes - what went wrong :?

A description of the issue you're currently facing and/or a screenshot could also come in handy 😄
We'll be on the lookout for your response 🙂

Take care & cheers!

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After what appears to be a longgg confusion, I went to the Spotify Android app. Just now, I clicked the love button next to the hidden button, and voila, the song is playable now :))


The three dots on the right didn't work at all.

I use Samsung A32.


This solution, if I have understood correctly, requires me to individually find that song to unhide.


What if I don't remember 10+ songs which I have hidden? How do I unhide them?

Hey @rsvk,


Thanks you for posting.

In case you want to know what songs have been hidden, then you can change the Playback settings of your app, so it can show you the hidden content. Check out the support article suggested earlier by @Alex and see if this will help you undo the disliked songs. 

Hope this helps clarify things. Don't hesitate to give us a shout if there's anything else we can help with.

Kiril Moderator
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I followed the steps. It shows hidden songs. But only when I open a particular playlist/album or if i know which song it is.


My question is different and very specific.

Say I don't remember titles of 3 hidden songs. And I'm never ever going to open those playlists or albums where this songs are listed under.


Now... How do I look for these 3 songs together? Remember I don't remember their titles. Or for that matter creators' names. Or anything related to it.


Hope this explanation helps you to understand my problem.

Hi @rsvk!


The way the Hide song feature works currently is that the tracks you've hidden aren't stored in a separate tab in the app, that can be accessed through the UI - instead, they are kept track of internally.


Take care!

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1. Like the Album

2. Like the Song

3. Try to play the song

4. If done, enjoy !

5. Never Hide any Song again


Note: You can unlike the Album and Song after that

Does not work..

Same thing happened to me and I fixed it by ‘liking’ the song. It automatically unhid the song. Going on these forum didn’t help me so I thought I’d leave this tip here. 

Solved! If you hid it from a Spotify-made playlist such as Discover Weekly, add it to another playlist, and then add it to your liked songs. It will automatically unhide the song.

If we cannot access it ourselves are we able to contact the support team for a list of songs we have hidden?

I had a problem where my spotify wouldn't allow me to unhide the song, I was able to fix it by liking then unliking it.

Just like that song.

2022 and still having this problem. I fixed it by "liking" the song. Go figure.

YOU ARE Amazing! I've been trying to unhide song and support article was so unhelpful! Thank you!

I have the same problem. I have accidently pressed hide button when songs were on autoplay, now I can't just open a playlist and unhide it. I don't really know what song that was, since I pressed hide when I was trying to get to next/previous songs. The hidden song was not even playing at that time. I basically have no idea what I hid and no chance to find out 😅😂


adding a feature that would display list of disliked songs would be very helpful 🙏




Samsung Galaxy s10

My Question or Issue

I accidentally hid a song from a Spotify generated "recommended songs for you" playlist, which plays automatically when the playlist i had been listening to runs or if songs. Now I can't unhide it. I tried all of the advice I could find in Spotify support, but it doesn't work. The problem seems to be that, in this context, Spotify will only let you open the options menu for the song you're currently playing. Because I can't play the hidden song while in this Playlist, I can't access the option to unhide it.

The only way to view songs in the recommendations playlist is to look at the upcoming songs (the three lines to the lower right of the currently playing view). But in this view, the only options for a song that isn't playing are to move its position in the queue, select it to play, or tap the circle to the left of the song to bring up the options "remove" and "add to queue". There is no "three dots" because the song isn't playing.

I made sure "show hidden songs is turned on", and i can see the song i want to unhide. But trying to select the song directly will cause Spotify to skip to the next song in the queue.

I can still view the song in other contexts, such as in my liked songs, but it's not hidden within those playlists, so that's not relevant to the problem I'm having.

It seems like Spotify has locked me out of any solution for this problem by requiring I be playing the song before i can access the unhide option, and requiring I unhide the song before playing it.

What is needed is either the ability to open options for upcoming songs in a playlist, or the ability to view the list songs in the recommendations playlist, just like you can view them in any other playlist.

Does anyone have a solution that works within the recommendations playlist?

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