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Camel Albums Disappeared

Camel Albums Disappeared

Hey Spotify,

For years, you did not upload Camel's Rajaz album and other great ones.

And today, you removed the Stationary Traveller, Nude, Camel(Remastered), Moonmadness, Rainbow's End - A Camel Anthology 1973 - 1985, Nude(Extended Edition).

You should consider to replace them back! Because Camel is an irreplaceable band for us who love progressive rock. We are paying to listen high quality music and you are blocking the art of those legends.

Replace these albums and add Rajaz at any cost!


Music lover from world.

35 Replies

Hey @fingo08  Welcome to the Spotify Community!


Spotify frequently updates their music acquisition but there are times where they might lose some songs. Why is this the case, well there are couple of reason. 1) It could be that the band couldnt come to a deal with Spotify to public allow music lovers to listen to their songs. 2) it could also be the publisher that didnt come to an agreement with spotify to stream the songs. 

On the bright side, Spotify always updates their content and hopefully soon they will bring back Camel Albums back to Spotify.


Happy Listening

Your answer is not helpful by the way.


The only helpful thing that can be done is to replace the albums back!

I agree, bring them back

bring them back and bring rajaz too

I totally agree this is a major miss! I am in Camel mood for the time being and also discovered that several good albums were suddenly missing. If I have to go back and listen to too many of my favorite albums from CD then Spotify dosn't make much sense to me anymore.

I need my lunar sea ._.

Please, come back with Camel! I can't believe I was listening to Stationary Traveller, Never Let Go, etc. a week ago and now it's all gone! Please don't do this to us prog lovers!

On an other note, I really don't like the abrupt way removal of music happens on Spotify! There could have been a push warning or a mail for those users who have listened to the music in question within the last xx months or so to inform that it for this or that reason will be removed, with a list of the removed albums for that artist. This sneaky way of just taking things away from paying users without notice is very repulsive.


Yes, totally agreed! Not only Rajaz, but also the albums 'Harbour of Tears', 'Dust and Dreams', 'Pressure Points' and 'A Nod and A Wink' are very much missed!!!

yea Camel is a must, almost all their discography is gone. we need to get them back.

MeToo! I really miss the disappeared Camel albums! Maybe especially the Stationary traveller among all the previously mentioned. Please get them back whatever it would take! A reasonable contract, maybe only a technical fix?
Spotify people: please comment on this tragedy.

I will weigh in on this.

I totally agree.

There is no replacement for the missing Camel Albums.


Please work out an agreement. I don't know what happened nor I know the reasons they were removed. But I think that there is no commercial or money related excuse to priving us from hearing this great music.


Is it about money? shame on whoever is envolved.


Humanity deserve those albums back

its a shame.. no reasonable answer.. trying now apple music.. 

At least Moonmadnes is back on Spotify (has been for a month or so). Not much, but Moonmadness is in my opinion the best and most important Camel album. Still, Spotify should work on their communication!! If you take Nextflix for example, people are informed both when they take material out and when new stuff comes in. That's how it sould be 🙂

Bring back Camel, please. Best prog band ever!

Hey there folks, 


Thanks for posting about this here in the Community! 


If you're having troubles finding content in the app, we'd recommend taking a look at this support site article for more info.


@Hyldenchamp - as @Keanu_C mentioned, we want all the world’s music and podcasts on Spotify, but availability can vary over time and between countries, depending on the permissions from rights holders.


However, we add content as soon as we have it so hopefully they'll reappear soon!


@AstroProg - a similar idea about seeing a warning before content is removed from Spotify has been suggested in our Ideas Exchnage. We'd recommend heading over to it here for more info, as well as adding your support and feedback.


For more information on how ideas can get implemented, we'd recommend taking a look at this Spotify Answer


Hope this helps clear things up! Don't hesitate to give us a shout if there's anything else we can help with.


Have a lovely day 🙂

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Still waiting for this. Camel is my all time favorite band and not finding some of their greatest albums such as Rajaz, Harbour of Tears, Camel (debut album) and Stationary Traveller here on Spotify is quite frustrating. Bring them back!

It’s 2020 now and still nothing changed 😞 It’s a shame that a lot albums of such a legendary band are missing! Please bring it back. 

Still no real answer? Guess you're just not willin' to pay Andy Latimer a reasonable fee?

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