Podcasts don't sort by new episodes :(


Podcasts don't sort by new episodes :(


On my Mac desktop, the Podcast section does not update when new episodes of Podcasts are added since the update. So now I have no way of knowing when new podcast episodes have been released, at least not without clicking on the podcast icons to check.  There are only 2 options to sort them....by name...and by recently added.  The recently added only is sorted by podcasts I added, not new episodes.  It makes no sense.  Am I missing something?

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Re: Podcasts don't sort by new episodes :(


This is my go around when i want to listen to the most recent episodes on my computer instead of my phone.

I have my computer and phone both connected to the same internet connection.


I open my desktop spotify app first. Then i open the spotify app in my samsung phone. I click on the podcasts tab on the samsung spotify app and then on the episodes sub tab.

I play the most recently uploaded episode and then have it play on the computer and not on the phone from the icon on the bottom that says "devices available".

Once i check the spotify play queue in spotify desktop app all the recently uploaded episodes come up from most recent and so on. It divides them from "now playing" to "next up"

I used a windows desktop and samsung android phone, but you could try these steps with your phone and desktop and see if it works.