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Spotify Links "open.spotify" don't open in Desktop App OSX/Mac anymore


Spotify Links "open.spotify" don't open in Desktop App OSX/Mac anymore

Premium Account


Mac OS Mojave 


Seems like Spotify keeps pushing this issue aside because not enough people are complaining about it. I've actually seen a good amount of posts on the community boards about it but none of them seem to have gained traction with the powers that be, claiming its a non-issue and the post gets closed. I disagree, wholeheartedly.


Please bring this option back! I don't use the web player... ever. And, I don't want to now have to start copying and pasting the link into spotify app. Call me lazy. The advanced settings used to have the option to have links open in the desktop app. But that option has recently disappeared. Seems like a very obvious and useful feature, and just strange to suddenly remove that functionality. 


My friends and I are always trading spotify links via text and emails and it's incredibly frustrating that it now doesn't automatically open in the desktop app like it used to. If I say pretty please, with a link to cherry on top, would you consider this a legitimate issue? 


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There's a Chrome Extension that will do this while we wait around for Spotify to redirect those URLs to the native client.

If you guys don't get this solved, people will just move to Youtube (with more variety) or some other service that makes sharing much easier. I pay premium and waving customers off is bad juji.

this is not a solution

For me, that extension only works for play.spotify urls, it doesn't work
for open.spotify... And the links that are shared now are all, so the extension doesn't add much value..

Please remove the webplayer completely, I will never use it.

Whenever I get a song through messenger I have to copy, paste and click like a maniac, completely destroying the vibe. Bring the option back!

**bleep** you nothing was solved you **bleep**

Fix this!!!

How rude! Still not fixed - just ignored.

This still doesn't work. It is very very frustrating. 

This is a terrible user experience. Cmon Spotify, you're better than this.

Ive been using this addon and it works pretty well for this

So, it seems the Spotify didn't solved it, but I've found a Chrome extension called "Open in Spotify desktop client" and it solved my problem.

If you don't get the expected behaviour straight away on a Mac after you install the extension, you might type at the adress bar "spotify:" and hit enter, it will ask to open spotify links on the client and then it will work flawlessly.

Hey folks,


Thanks for sharing your thoughts with the Community!


Just to clarify, users can still share their favorite Spotify tunes in such a way that the recipient has the option to choose whether or not to open them in the app. This is done when content is shared via the Spotify URI. This page explains how to find and share the URI.


If you'd like to have this option also for Spotify links, it's a good idea to +VOTE this idea and  subscribe to it, if you haven't already. We'll inform on any developments there, as soon as there are any. 


Hope this helps. Keep us posted if you have any questions.

Mihail Moderator
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Thanks Mihail, but sorry, this is not very useful. What most of here can not understand is why Spotify does not OR will not use Deep Linking as most other companies do (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).  A URI is not the same. With a URI, a user has to COPY the URI, then open up Spotify (all manually of course), then go to the Search Box on Spotify, then PASTE the URI into the Search Box. This is about as useful as saying "Go to Spotify, type in your artist name and song title and hit SEARCH." With a Deep Link, all the user has to do is click on it. Period.

That doesn't help. That relies on everyone else to use URI's instead of
allowing us to tailor our own experience. I wouldn't even consider that MVP
for a good user experience.

There is a way to get your browser to open the app using a userscript


User SomeOrdinaryDog shared one on Reddit:

Sharing the URI (apart from being an annoying UX) is not possible from the iOS app.

This is an absolute non-solution and complete evasion of your customer's complaints. I would really appreciate an actual, honest explanation for this. If you want to push the web app, then improve it. But I don't want to have this desktop app if you're not going to support it.


Please actually listen to the people who pay for this service, they just want to have a streaming app that works.

Hey guys,


Like many of you I have this problem – I receive a song link, and I have to copy and paste it in Spotify and queue or play the track myself.


I built an app that fixes this (among other things). The app has the option to "enhance copy" the current track information and that will include a spotify:// link that leads directly to the app.


It also includes one-click links for queueing the track and playing the track directly, operations which otherwise would take many clicks to perform. I've shared how it looks in an iMessage.


Enjoy! The app is free, but only works for macOS.

Screen Shot 2020-10-15 at 8.13.43 AM.png

Spotify really neglects its problems. I would really like to know what they do on the spare time... It seems this service just gets worse over time. I wonder what those programmers really do on working hours...  

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