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Video ads way too loud


Video ads way too loud

Listening to my music at a reasonable volume and then all of a sudden a video ad will come blaring on, seemingly at least twice as loud as my actual music volume. Loud enough to ****ing literally hurt my ears. This needs to fixed immediately. This latest update is just a mess. The lead developer and anyone who OK'd the update should be fired. The update should be rolled back until someone competent, and who also values user experience, is put in charge.

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I listen to Spotify on various computers and my mobile smartphone using the app on each device. I noticed that on one computer at work, the volume of the adds was a lot louder than the music. I started looking for a solution as the noise level from the adds was seriously annoying in an office environment.


I searched for a solution but did not find anything online that actually worked for me. I started comparing my Spotify settings on each device since I only experienced this issue on one computer. Turns out you need to leave the volume level in Spotify on full and instead control the volume via Windows or from the speakers or mobile device volume control. On this particular problem computer, I had lowered the Spotify volume to about half level. So when the adds played, they ignored the volume setting in Spotify and instead played like it was set to maximum. However Spotify cannot override the volume settings in Windows or on your speakers.

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This problem was amplified (no pun intented ha) by the fact that I often listen to a genre of very quiet music like classical guitar, lute, vihuela, etc.  I've jumped out of my chair several times at work when an ad has come on after the quiet and soothing music.  It makes my blood boil every time!  I found a chrome extension (I listen to the web player) that can automatically set the volume lower on the ads in spotify.  I'm not sure I can post a link to it or not but you can easily enough search for the extension.  Here's what the extension's developer says about it:

Too loud Spotify ads? This extension help you!
You can control Spotify ads volume.

IMPORTANT! Only works with online spotify player!" 

 So far it works a treat and has made the listening experience enjoyable again.  I think spotify owes the developer of this extension some dinero haha.

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We recommend that you head over to this thread that we actively use to report such cases.


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193 Replies

I've been having the same problem, ad volume was normal and the same volume(haven't updated spotify since maybe around halloween when I got my new computer) as my music, then a few days ago my spotift appeared to randomly crash then it automatically updated itself when I tried reopening it and ever since that auto update the ad volume has been pretty much twice the volume my music is at 😕 Like i'll be listing to something trying to sleep, then some loud ad shows up and wakes me back up scaring me to death just about, or i'd be listening to music at night when people are sleeping then suddenly some loud voice or video ad or music ad pops up so loud it could probably be heard from outside my house and most likely anyone else in my house could hear it as well seeing how it was so loud I could feel it in the floor and my desk and clothing, that's how loud the ads are now when the ads before the update were the same volume as my music. It's so bad that I pretty much stopped using spotify until that problem gets fixed. Im scared to even use spotify anymore now because never know when some loud ad is going to attempt to blow my $200 speakers again or blow my headphones and make me deaf as well as giving me a heart attack in the process...
Imagine listening to music at a nice volume, then some random loud voice or random loud music on an ad shows up that's at least twice as loud as your music, pretty sure it would give anyone a heart attack. Not to mention that people can't exactly be having that happen when they live in a house with other people or live in an apartment, they'll get kicked out for noise complaints just because of an ad because you're listening to music at 2am while studying or getting ready for work or something then the ad pops up as loud as possible. If i've stopped using spotify because of this problem, im wondering how many others have picked the same option since there's other music sources like pandora and slacker that DON'T play ads louder than the music, I pretty much always listened to spotify(gaming, cooking, music to help me go to sleep, music while working on stuff or hanging out with friend or girlfriend or just sitting around relaxing and texting someone) up until that ad volume problem showed up, I tolerated it for a couple hours then got tired of rushing to mute my volume(usually while im in a game, I may add) or turn it down before I woke someone up or my speakers blew(because $200 doesn't exactly grow on trees so can't really afford to buy new speakers every time an ad pops up and blows my speakers, feel like i'd have to do like how Orange county choppers does with doors and have a storage room full of spare speakers instead of spare doors if these ads keep up with challanging me to race to see if I can mute or turn down the volume before my speakers blow). And if I remember correctly, it's apparently illegal to put ads higher than the program volume on tv, so not sure if same applies to radio and internet music streaming but seems like it should apply as well. NO ONE wants to have some loud ad blasting in their ears and blowing their speakers or headphones.
If goal is to see how many heart attacks you can cause and how many people you can annoy enough to quit using spotify and to get people in trouble with noise complaints with the ads, then you've done your job. Now, can you please make the ads the same volume as the music so me and everyone else can use spotify again?

I just had an extra loud video ad come on in the middle of a song i was listening to. That is way to intrusive and is not going to make me want to buy premium. it's almost like they're trying to force us to by premium to get rid of the stupid video ads. Do you want to lose users, Spotify? Because that's what's going to happen if you don't fix this problem. whoever thought this was a good idea needs to be fired.


Why hasn't this been fixed? I was listening to music at about 80% of the bar and I got one of these ridiculously loud video ads and turned my bar down to 10% and it was around the same volume as my music just was. I am not going to buy premium because of these. I will most likely stop using the program all together. It's been about a week and this problem has not been fixed. I am now going to spam these support forums until I receive a response from a moderator hopefully we get noticed.

Ugh, I HATE these new LOUD ADs!!! Who the hell thought this was a good idea? Spotify is now OFF indefinitely until they stop it with these obnoxious ads. 

Spotify- Please fix this!!!  My ears literally hurt when these "extra loud" ads come on.  I keep the music volume low to prevent damaging my hearing, so I certainly don't appreciate Spotify risking my hearing on these ads.  I don't care about ads or however many I need to listen to-  please just don't make the volume of them PAINFUL!

I just encountered these video adds today and they nearly gave me a heart attack. I have been on the verge of uninstaling spotify for a while now, because of the normal adds and how they seem to be designed to be annoying as **bleep**. this new **bleep** is just way to much.


goodbye spotify and hello youtube playlists 

Because of these ads I now live in perpetual fear and have a constant ringing in my ears. MOST MONOTONE SONG EVER. Please fix this issue.

I'm with her. If this issue isn't fixed in a couple of days I'm going to uninstall Spotify and re-use youtube like before.

Having the same issue here, which is particularly annoying since we're in an office. I noticed Filtr ads seem to be the worst. Anyway....rpyal pain in the ass.

WOW! I just got blasted twice in half an hour with a video ad that was AT LEAST TEN TIMES AS LOUD AS MY MUSIC, even though I had my music only on about 2/3rds volume!!!! It literally hurt my ears! STOP IT SPOTIFY


. If I had not had my headphones on, I would've woken up both sets of my neighbours at 2am in the morning!!!! YOU NEED TO SERIOUSLY AND SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCE THE VOLUME OF THESE ADVERTS A.S.A.P!!!!


On top of this, despite my own playlists of up to 1,200 songs, you keep showing me ads for music I have no interest in whatsoever!

This needs to be fixed. I have an instrumental jazz playlist I sleep to at night and at random point, the video ad volume suddenly wakes me up. My heart was pounding really hard from the sudden loud ad. Whenever this wakes me up from sleeping, I'll have hard time going back to sleep and having to to stay up all night. Have someone fixed this problem because my Jazz Sleep playlist is kinds of pointless to sleep to when the video ad burst out loud noises. If this continues, I'll have no choice but to disconintue using Spotify. 

I'm also having this issue. I'm used to listening music while i sleep, and this loud Calvin Harris ad just deafen me. I can't use spotify till they fix this.

Dear Spotify,

I've already sent a similar message through the user help, as I am certain many others have. And here in the forums the same message rings clear: it may have become common practice on television to increase ad volume (though it is partially abated in recent years), it is completely unacceptable for music services. The video ads are already annoying enough because they take up so much bandwidth—interrupting play on slower lines—but allowing your customers to double or triple the volume, and to double it on your own ads, ruins the music experience, wakes people up at night, and makes it impossible for us to listen to Spotify at work.


Spotify, I am an Amazon Prime member, and have access to ad-free music there. I use Spotify because I like your playlists, I love the Spotify Sessions, and have generally been happy with the service, ads and all, for over two years. I'm happy to support the music and the musicians through Spotify, but I am unwilling to pay for a service I already get for free elsewhere, especially since your deep-pocketed corporate clients can spare the dimes on ads more than I can on music. So, despite my two years of hanging out here instead of Pandora or Amazon Prime, I will soon be leaving Spotify for good unless there is some indication that things are going to change.


Heck, keep the video ads if you must despite how it affects my other internet browsing experiences, just bring things back to where we can listen to music at a reasonable volume without worrying about getting the evil eye from coworkers or having to put our kids back to sleep. What do you say? Can we work something out or is the excess ad volume worth losing your listeners over?



A former Spotify fan

Same issue.

I listen to Spotify while on laptop via headphones. The phones are so sensitive, that I have to turn the volume down on my laptop - as well as Spotify application - almost to the very minimum to get the music to a confortable level.

After an update several weeks ago, the video ads started to be played at EXTREMELY loud volume. It must be several tens of Decibels louder than music and  regular audio ads. The suond level on my phones is WAY beyond to what is healthy for hearing - it is very close to the pain level (110 dB)


I must mute my laptop every time a video ad starts. It is not possible to lower the volume gradually fast enough.


I consider this a genuine bug on Spotify (especially as it appeared after an update to the application.) Please look into this issue before someone really suffers damage to their hearing.

Thanks Spotify team.

You just crashed a valuable pair of headphones.

I definitly recommend to stop using this service until this gets fixed.


If some marketing whatever guy thinks this is a feature he might be mentally retarded.

All - if you're having this issue, I suggest tweeting about it to @SpotifyCares. They are pretty responsive and are supposedly looking into it, but the more they hear about it, the more serious they are likely to take it....

The 'This is house' ad - or rather the 'THIS IS HOUSE' ad is specifically EXTREMELY loud. Not all your ads are being kept at a regular volume. Some play at normal levels, but a few specific ones are WAY. TOO. LOUD.
Look, I don't mind listening to ads at all - but please, fix your ad volume levels and show some quality control.

fix this **bleep** already, darn. 

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