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Block different song languages

Block different song languages






Honor 8x

Operating System

Android 10, Windows 10


My Question or Issue

My library has some tracks and artists with the German artists singing their songs on ENGLISH (like Robin Shulz) . I've banned MANY different songs and artists in my daily mixes which was german language, but my release radar was terrible tonight. What should I do with that?

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LG V60

Operating System

Android 10, Windows 10



I have the same issue. 

Just today in the "Your Week Playlist" I had 7 Songs  out of 30 which I could dismiss right away because I have no interest in that Song language. (In my case something written in  cyrillic letters. I gues it could be russian or something. It doesn't matter since I don't speak that language and have no interest in doing so)


And to make it more annoying, I than recognized that 3 out of 7 where allready flagged as "DO NOT PLAY THIS INTERPRET".

And this wasn't the first time this happend either. 


When they don't want to give us this function it would be at least a good development if their algorythm (that doesn't work very good to begin with) would at least listen to their "DO NOT PLAY THIS INTERPRET" flagg which is allready in their god dang database.


Yes, this is very annoying and yes, I am salty about it, since I have to dismiss and flag Interprets on a weekly basis.


Please Spotify get your stuff together and at least correct your algorythm.

Hey folks!


Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community. 


@Lubitel_piva555, at the moment, there's not a filter for song language, so this might be the reason why you're still getting recommendations in different languages. 


We appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback with us and will make sure to pass it onto the right team, as we always strive to improve your experience.


@VenterraZero, we'd like to dig a little deeper to see what could be causing this behavior. Would you mind letting us know if performing a clean reinstall of the app makes any difference at all? Are you able to see the songs you don't want to listen to if you log into your account using another device?


Keep us posted.

Mario Moderator
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Greetings @Mario,

to make it short, yes I can confirm that this got into my recomendations after a clean install.


I have my current cellphone since two weeks. 

I have made a clean install by setting up the new phone.

The recomendation for an interpret which I have allready blocked was yesterday.

I had that behavior with my old cellphone in the past nearly on a weekly basis. 

When I should tell a time since when this happens. I would guess it was about at least 8 months.


It doesn't look like a hardware failure to me.


To be clear I can't play that song since the Interpret was allready blocked before. 

That is ok.

The Point that is very annoying for me, is that it takes up place of the 30 Songs which Spotify recommends to me. Totally ignoring that I allready flagged it as inapropriate for my taste. 

And despite the wrong language there were 3 Songs from allready blocked Interprets in this weekly - monday playlist.


Btw the daily drive Playlist does something very similar.

Songs appear in the Playlist which are allready flagged as "don't like" for this playlist. But can't be played due to the flag. 

Hey there @VenterraZero,


Thank you for your reply and confirmation.


Can you log in with another account - such as a friend's or a family member's to see if the issue persits?


It would also be great if you can let us know which version of the app you have?


We'll keep an eye out for your reply.



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Live, love, laugh and listen to music 🙂

Greetings @Jeremy,


I use Spotify on Windows on different PCs and my Android phone.

Windows 10 (working PC) Spotify App Version

Android 10 Spotify App Version


Do you think that logging in with another account could fix that weired behavior of showing blocked interprets again and again?

Do you mean a short login or that the other account should stay for a couple of hours or so?


This thread started as "Block different song languages"

Maybe it is better when I open another thread for that other problem. 


Oh, just to remind, I'd like to have the option to block certain languages anyway because I only interested in few languages.

It is annoying to have to block interprets one after another just because the algorythm doesn't acknowledge that I block every interpret that doesn't fit to the specific languages I'd like to listen to. 

Hi there @VenterraZero,

Thanks for sharing this info.


Currently there is no way to select a proffered language of the the songs you get in recommendations. There are other users on the community who'd like to see this feature added in the future. You can show your support by adding your +Vote to this Idea.


Note that the Hide song function is not synced across devices, so you might see a song you've disliked on Mobile appear in a future recommendation. Other factors that influence your recommendations is what's the most popular music among people who listen to similar artists genres in your region.


Hope you find this info useful.

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Greetings @Alex,


"Note that the Hide song function is not synced across devices, so you might see a song you've disliked on Mobile appear in a future recommendation. Other factors that influence your recommendations is what's the most popular music among people who listen to similar artists genres in your region."


So you say that it is possible that my "Your Mix of the Week" Playlist could be different between my phone and let's say my notebook?
I ask because I have never recognized that there were differences. 

I tend to listen to my weekly playlists through my phone and dismiss or like the songs on my Notebook. Since now I have not recognized a difference and could controll the music that way.


Shouldn't the recomendation system check if certain artists are blocked by a user and then don't recomend a song from such an artist to the user?


I mean if it is based on what other user listen to, who also listen to the same genre than me, then there should be more songs to recomend than just 30 artists from which I allready blocked 3.


It doesn't seem to fit the logic...


Except the algorythm does not check what artists are blocked by the user at all and recomends them anyway. Because the App then would recognize the blocked content, it would at least don't play the songs from those artists. That seems to explain that behavior, to me at least. 


But I will try to let a friend log in on my device and see if it changes anything. 

Hi there @VenterraZero,


Thanks for the reply.


Playlists like Discover Weekly gives suggestions based on your listening history, so the more you use Spotify, the more it can get to know you. You should also listen to music outside of the recommendation playlists to have more influence on the algorithm. We recommend listening to what you love as much as possible over the coming weeks and you should see it improve. Disabling Private listening can also help, as it won't consider tracks you've listened to privately.


To clarify the case with hiding songs - you can hide songs from recommendations and Radio on your Mobile, but you may see these songs available in the currently recommended playlist on your Desktop app or Web player. There is an Idea on the Community to have this synced across all devices in the future. You can add your +Vote here.


If you're really unhappy with what songs appear in your Daily mixes etc. you can try creating a new account and transfer your personal playlists following this guide. In the new account your recommendations algorithm will be built from scratch, so it might be better.


Hope you find this info helpful 🙂

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I have the same issue. I'm typically getting between 5-10 Czech and Polish songs in my Discovery Weekly, even though I reliably mark them as "I don't like this artist" every time that happens. 

I suspect that Spotify's algorithms think that I like "other languages" because I do listen to German songs (that's where I was born), and also to Japanese songs, because I learn the language. 

However, this does NOT mean that I like music in ALL random languages, and regularly get angry at Spotify for trying to force some depressing underground eastern block music on me... please add a language filter, that allows to permit or block languages, selectively. 

Same here. Constantly getting 3-4 russian songs.  Mark them as unwanted every time but they keep popping. Russia is waging war now. I don't want to hear russian songs or support russian artists with my premium subscription.

Here's this week's "bounty" of unwanted Czech and Polish songs (this is REALLY getting out of hand): 

1. Maanam – Espana for Ever (Polish, not Spanish)
2. Kadanz – Intimiteit (Dutch – don’t want that, either)
3. Dingo – Pistoolisankari (probably Finish)
4. Coma – Wedrovka (Polish)
5. Banda I Wanda – Kochaj mnie mily (Polish or Czech… sounds the same to me)
6. Nelija Ruusua – (probably Finish)
7. Tublatanka – Pravda vitazi (Czech)

Again, I’m German – some people find the German language harsh and ugly, and I understand that. Well, to my ears, all of the above sounds REALLY ugly, so, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, Spotify, stop claiming that these are “recommendations for me” – this CANNOT be based on my taste. I don’t want ANY of this.

Please let me block languages selectively… I don’t need no Polish country songs about that Skoda that won’t start, or the Politburo causing trouble… make it STOP!!!

I totally agree.


The absolut worst is that they don't do anything in this regard.
This thread is now two years old.
I got a few suggestions for this topic wich are all... B.S. they don't work because those forum moderators don't seem to have an idea how this recommendations work.

They recommended a clean reinstall of the app to get another curated playlist which is bound to my account that isn't located on my device but in their database.

I mean my cellphone could explode and burn to the ground and I could log into my spotify account via other device and get the same playlist.

Wich is a fact just because otherwise you would have other playlists when you log in via PC or Tablet or what not.

Only daily drive has a potential difference and that is due to update rates of the playlist. You can update the dd-playlist  on Android via force stopping the App and restarting it. This playlist gets updated ca 4-5 times a day and it's the only playlist that does this. But even this is equal to all devices that connect to this account at the same time. 
So same time, same playlists, different devices. Ergo no device problem but a dataproblem.

But here they say "Have you tried a clean reinstall?"
The only thing that could probably work is to ditch the own account and make a new one, because there is no option to reset the algorithm or to influence it to the right direction. 


There is currently no option to correct this failure and they don't seem to have any intention in changing that.


Sorry for the very pessimistic perspective, but they do the same for those who want to have an influence on the podcasts that appear in daily drive. 

It is kinda related because the user there just want to block certain podcast genres or at least some podcasts wich spotify does not implement. 

I am having the same issue constant songs in my discovery weekly and release radar playing that are different languages I only have ever listened to English language music so done understand why I am getting all different ones this weeks playlist 80% was a different language. There should be a feature to reset or algorithm 

I found one reason, why Spotify gives me these Czech and Polish songs... and that's because I liked a number of TV-Soundtracks for cartoons and children's TV series I watched as a kid... and some of those are Czech/Polish (they showed that stuff back in Germany in the 70s/80s). 
Now, these soundtracks are typically instrumental, or overdubbed with the local language where such a TV show was aired... but looks like Spotify isn't smart enough for that, and thinks that if you liked "anything" of Czech/Polish origin, it must follow that you have an eastern-block fetish and must like EVERYTHING and ANYTHING ever created there... I mean, of course I have a Lada Niva poster on the wall, trying to upgrade from my Skoda one day... but other than that, PLEASE, no more eastern block music (I "unliked" all the TV show soundtracks now... which is a bummer, because I really liked some of those e.g. Karel Svoboda's music for "Die Besucher"). 
Oh well... this after all, this is Spotify, and you can't have everything 😕

Once I liked an Estonian song and now my every discover weekly has at least one, but rather 2-5 songs in eesti. I deleted that one liked song few weeks ago, but it didn't change anything. Any solutions? Nothing against Estonian, but I prefer my songs in Polish/English only. 

Have absolutely the same problem with the German Language... even worse, my favourite band is a German one but they sing only in English.... so I have never even listened to any German songs and it has been promoting me German songs for over a year now.

This is ULTRA annoying and I click "I don't like this song" or "I don't like this artist" all the time, no result.

+1, please do something. 


I can't even vote on the idea, it gives me an access denied error. 

Random Vietnamese songs keep invading my playlists! I have no desire to listen to songs that I have no interest in. Please implement a language filter. 

This issue where you cannot select a preferred language for recommended songs has been an issue for more than 6 years! Do you not listen to your customers Spotify? The trouble I’m finding is the more I ‘dislike’ or remove from my discover weekly songs in other languages the MORE I get suggested! This week HALF of my songs are not in English! Spotify need to start listening or I for one will be leaving 

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