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Can't access saved songs based on artist since update.

Can't access saved songs based on artist since update.



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Windows 10


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Since the update I am no longer able to access my saved songs from one particular artist. I DO NOT want to go to my liked songs and search for the artist name, that is a totally unnecessary extra step, in what crazy world did that sound like a good idea to the devs?!

What I would like is either:
Someone tells me that I am mistaken and I can still access saved songs based on artist,

OR Revert the change. I can see from the forums that you already tried it once and it was reverted, so why do it again? It's lunacy.

Previous issue for reference:




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I just wanted to add that I'm another person who will be exploring changing streaming services for music if this change is not rolled back. I often want to listen to music by a specific artist, but only the songs I like from that artist (or the same thing, but with an album). The easiest way to do this is to simply look up the artist (or album) and go from there. And now that basic feature has been taken away. Why is Spotify removing or trying to hide this feature in every release? The same thing happened in the past with the mobile app.

I agree 100%.

This needs to be rolled back ASAP. Why is Spotify constantly removing the option to just access the songs I like by one Artist.


It's already bad enough that I had to go to Library > Artists, instead of using the Artist links on the Home Page. But this renders the desktop app completely unusable.


But as it has been proven in the past even if Spotify reacts to this it'll probably take 6-12 months for this change to come. By that time I probably have switched over to an app that isn't constantly breaking established behavior.

Hi folks! 


Thanks for reaching out about this. 


We're sorry to hear that your experience with the New Desktop app isn't as expected.


In this case, we'd recommend posting your feedback here. The right folks are closely monitoring that feedback thread to see how real users feel about the changes. This is a process of making the desktop experience better, so user feedback will definitely be taken into consideration. We'd recommend posting exactly what you like and dislike to make things more clear.


Hope this clears things up. 



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