Continuous issues with desktop app in windows 10

Continuous issues with desktop app in windows 10



(Lenovo Flex 14 Laptop)

Operating System

(Windows 10)


My Question or Issue


I’m wondering why the constant glitches that I’ve seen on the help questions repeatedly aren’t being rectified.  

I find lately I’m spending more time trying to fix problems than being able to just listen to music.


problem 1:

Keeps telling me I’m offline when I’m not.  This is ridiculous.  I have checked offline status, my Bitdefender settings, made sure my VPN is off (won’t download if that’s on which is also ridiculous), etc...and still the app just decides that I’m not online when I am.  Is there any fix for this???


problem 2:

Constantly stalling when downloading so I can’t listen to music offline (which is a huge problem when I have problem 1). Again I’ve checked Bitdefender settings and now turn off my VPN since i figures that issue out, and I saw something in another question about making sure songs are available for offline use which I could never find.  Any help???


problem 3:

The queue!!!!  Randomly decides to clear itself.  If I try to add multiple songs at once from a playlist after getting a few songs while holding down control button to keep them selected, Spotify decides I don’t want them anymore and I selects everything so I have to start over which means I mostly just have to use the three dots and add one at a time which is super annoying and time consuming.  Then when I’ve dealt with the problems above my queue just randomly clears itself whenever it wants, mid song.   Only once when I was starting to rebuild it did it miraculously reappear when I was adding the third songs back to it.  Usually I just have to start over.


problem 4: 

Do I know this one isn’t for everyone but I NEED to know how to get rid of or disable the shortcut keys in the desktop Spotify app.  I use them all the time for other things which means they screw up the Spotify stuff if I’m working in other things.  As well they interfere with me in the app even when I’m not using them and I’m trying to move songs, etc.


Thanks in advance for listening to my vent and any help would be appreciated!


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I also have had problems with the queue which seems to be clearing itself and I have to start again and listen some album or song by clicking it.

The app is the latest version

Other annoying problem is that front page of the app has one playlist that is stuck and my account has stopped updating the recently listened section. This problem came around last december and it has not been fixed. I have enclosed picture of it here.




Yeah I’m running same version.  It almost seems like there are more problems with newer versions than the old ones instead of the other way around which it how it should be.


Does your app update the front page or is the recently listened section stuck?

I haven’t notice the front page just the listening one. Sorry.


Ok, hope that Spotify will take care of these issues soon.


Yeah, I'm getting frustrated with this. The mobile app is fine but the Windows app is really annoying me. The first thing "home" shows me stuff I've rarely listened and it's static and UN-editable.  very frustrating.

My windows app. takes ages to do searches and sometimes just stops working.


This has gone way too long, I can't understand it wasn't fixed already. Mobile works normally and updates but Windows 10 is still stuck on some older listening data, I've attached pic of my current.



Hey there @temment and @Samppa3


Thank you for reaching out to us about this.


We actually have two ongoing issue when it comes to this. Have a look here and here. You can leave a vote to show that you're experience this.


Hope this information was helpful.


We're always one reply away if you need us.



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