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Crashing when logged in, multiple accounts, multiple devices windows 10 and andriod.

Crashing when logged in, multiple accounts, multiple devices windows 10 and andriod.

Hi all, 

Web spotify works. one of my andriod devices still logs into the spotify app. 

however it doesn't on a laptop, a desktop pc and it had the same type of problem on a tablet once, but that resolved its self spontaneously after 2 tries. 


Premium, but this also affects a free account. 



Device & Operating System

(Windows 10 HP Laptop (has worked in the past) & new amd windows 10 PC )

My Question or Issue

I installed the desktop app for spotify, logged in, and it instantly crashes when i press login. If i'm offline (off of wifi or wired internet) the app doesn't crash. ..but it doesn't have any content either. 


Solutions tried:

  1. Deleting the %App data% (roaming and local) and each individually
  2. Reinstalling the app
  3. Reinstalling windows
  4. Logging on while offline, then turning the network connection back on
  5. Logging in with another account
  6. Resetting the windows App store
  7. Using a local windows account rather than a roaming account
  8. Logging out of all devices from the web 

Web spotify works, on all devices, also have an Andriod phone which it works normally on. The tablet doesn't have a sim, but still works on the same network. Have run a virus check.. .. Help (!) spotify crashes on every login for approx 1 week. 

All suggestions welcome at this point. I would invite interest from spotify employees also. 

Best regards


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Hi there @300150,

Welcome to the Community!


Thanks for sharing your detailed troubleshooting. 


Here is something worth trying - start Windows in Safe mode and perform a clean reinstallation of the app. You can find the exact steps in this Spotify Answer. Follow each step, to assure that all app related data is removed before reinstalling.


Let us know how it goes. We'll be on the lookout for your reply.





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