Don't see Chromecast Audio in my device list on Spotify for PC


Don't see Chromecast Audio in my device list on Spotify for PC


Are Spotify users able to cast music from Spotify software (Windows 8/10 PC), but I don't see my Chromecast Audio on my available device list.


I only see my 2 PC.


I tried on both my PC.


Could someone help me with this issue ?






I see ChromeCast Audio on my Android App.

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I haven't kept up with all the comments on this thread.


Are there other desktop apps that can cast, besides Google's? If so, then Spotify should make it work, unless Google is being protective and not providing Spotify with a license to do it.


If there aren't other apps, then it makes sense that it's because Google hasn't exposed the API. Meaning it's not a bug nor Spotify's lack of responsiveness.


Meanwhile, why aren't people happy with using the Spotify browser site on Chrome, where Google has exposed the API?


this subject has now been active since 2015.  :D. 


is this really still a problem?

Yes. You still have to start casting from phone as a workaround


Even if there is no official chromecast sdk for windows, chromecast is open source ( and its protocol and api are open, so implementing it should not be an issue for a company like Spotify.


The official sdks are just reference implementations and there are a lot of ready-to-use unofficial sdk for almost all the progamming languages / platforms (java / nodejs / python / C# ...) that can be found on github, they are used by a bunch of softwares on windows:


Popcorn-time for instance has no issue to use cast on windows while spotify has :s 


This needs to happen soon. Chromecast + spotify is useless without the abiltity to choose it from desktop app. 


Even more ridiculous is that this hasn't been done yet!


Unbelievable. Quite weird that they cannot or don't want this to get fixed. Together with the issue of being able to play only 100 songs from your playlist, it really makes me wonder what is going on in that company.

I have premium. Never had a limit of playable songs in a playlist.. and
you can download 3000

But.. they market for Spotify is phone playback and rap music.. so seem
that group of people don't care

The playlist issue is difficult to notice but once you notice it becomes
very annoying. See
2016. Still unresolved.


Yeah... I wouldn't consider this "solved" since you have to leave the desktop application. It's just a hacky workaround.


The fact that Spotify doesn't seem to fix this shortcoming is almost infuriating. Open up the Web player.. We are even required to open up Chrome specifically, though surely not everyone is using Chrome as their default browser? Why even have a desktop app, then?

I've managed to gaffa tape a workaround for myself. Thought i'd post it just in case it helps any one out.


Navigate to your google chrome install folder, for me its....

C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe


Right click on the Chrome.exe and go to send to > desktop (Create Shortcut)

Then Right Click on the new shortcut on the desktop and go to properties and add the following at the end of the target field....




So it should look like..


"C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" --app=


Essentially all this is doing is opening the web app but without any chrome extras (Address bar, bookmarks, extensions) This wont effect your normal Google chrome.


When you click on the Connect button, it will give you the cast option and from there you can select which chromecast, or chromecast group you'd like.


Appreciate this also lacks the ability to download locally.

Really hope this gets properly fixed, but fingers crossed this helps anyone in the meantime.


This is NOT solved ! Come on. Please at least have the honesty to tell that simple fact. The chomecast audio does not appear in the device list even with the latest version of the spotify client on windows 10.


Yes you can always use android app and then the device appears: what's the point of that ? You can also go to the concert or event get rid of spotify + chromacast solution entirely.


Google is not small software company, either spotify ... You embarrass yourselves with so poorly done work in here.


Thank you for this. This works perfectly for me.


Open Spotify web browser

Then Cast to Chromecast

Play a song from the web browser, and when its playing you can close the tab and control it from Spotify on the PC.


Thank you!


The above only works for a few songs, after a while the connection gets totally bricked. So no real solution, Spotify needs to fix this.


This isn't solved. You just found a quick fix for the problem. 


Still not solved..

Spotify seems to lazy to fix it..


Yeah, three years later this is a workaround not a solution.  Calling it solved is not honest.

I ended up giving up on Spotify.

For pretty much the same price you can get YouTube premium which comes with YouTube music and Google play music. No real difference with the music but better support for Google home and Chromecast and no ads on YouTube as a bonus.


Just used an app to transfer over all my playlists etc.


So long spotify

Marked as solution


Good news!


You can now find Chromecast in the connect "devices available" menu in the Spotify desktop app and browser web player. Now you can cast your music to Chromecast from the desktop app without having to use the iOS or Android app.


Make sure your Spotify desktop app is up to date

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