How do you find podcasts?


How do you find podcasts?


I read that in addition to video Spotify now has podcasts, but where are they on the desktop version? 

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I swear to Jobs, if one more person is suggesting to start on your mobile and continue on desktop without reading the thread, I'm going to freak. Every week I get an email with this nonsense. What are people hoping for? Virtual Spotify forum points?

The current state of things:
- Still no desktop functionality for listening to podcasts through Spotify

- Still no official acknowledgement that this is an issue

- System so broken that Spotify exclusive podcasts (there's only one German production I know of) are distributed through an official playlist instead of the Spotify podcast system
- Still no support for podcasts on the Windows App I assume (Switched back to Android because of many app ecosystem problems in Win Phone)


Solution: Buy Pocketcast mobile and webapp. It works on all devices, you get all podcasts that are openly available or you have the feed URL for, it synchronizes your listening between devices and it's a one time payment and no subscription.

As a Pocketcast user, just a warning, the synchronisation feature is really
broken and barely ever works. Not just my experience BTW, many users have


That might be true for some platforms, I can't really comment on anything but web app and Android, so far synchronization has worked fine for me (3 months used) and better than other podcast apps I tried. I don't want to wholeheartedly endorse Pocketcast either. There's many things they can improve on for sure. AFAIK the web app has a two week trial so you can decide whether it works for you.
It is still unarguably better and less broken than the current state of the Spotify integration and their developers reply to queries quickly in my experience. I did not mean for this thread to take this turn. I would prefer seamless integration across platforms in Spotify still. That does not seem to happen anytime soon though.


This may be a bit unrelated: How do I as podcast publisher get my podcast listed on Spotify? There seems no documentation on RSS feed import etc.




And its been what 3 years since this feature was launched on mobile? Look if you're not going to do it for whatever reason just say so already. If there's a service you'd rather us use on desktop then do so.


simply... WOW!


It's amazing how this sucks. At least 2 years and still no solutions...

I don't have the section on desktop nor Android (not one of the privileged countries...) but the features are there (it looks good on the web and even better on the desktop - with a progress bar) but it is hidden in all search...

But for some reason, I see featured podcast on Discover page (without a header or anything)


I have to use google to look for Spotify content and bookmarks to save it. That's just an awesome UX. Maybe next will be a feature to send us music on cassettes or CDs.


This is just plain silly...

2017-06-26 12_07_59-Spotify.png
2017-06-26 12_07_45-Browse - Featured.png
2017-06-26 12_07_24-Browse - Featured.png



Can I now listen podcasts on my computer?

I'm looking for a program that will run on Android and Windows and will totally synchronize podcasts between devices.

I was hoping Spotify would give me that feature.


New Spotify subscriber here. I'm not going to read the entire thread, but by the looks of things, Spotify desktop doesn't actually have a podcast feature yet. That being the case, it would be great if Spotify didn't waste users' time trying to find and use features they're promoting:


 Ok, so it just reached a new level of stupidity.

I am a lucky chosen one to see podcasts in the android app!

But (and it's a Kardashian sized **bleep**):

- the search kinda works (but not really) - if you use podcast: something-something

  it shows results, but not very accurate.

 *  I could not find snap judgement - but found it and subscribed to it by scrolling through the list of all podcasts

  * I found 99% invisible - but by searching for invisible - looking for 99% or 99p, or something other did not show anything or just the 99% music playlist


to be continued...


grimane add insult to injury - the podcast are not visible in the Windows app.

You can search for them using quick search - but not the full search.

And because of the last part, there are no podcasts in search in the web app - but they are still on the bottom of the Discover page on the web...



To sum up:

- I can find and listen to podcasts on desktop through fast search - using podcast: (not the full search, or the subscribed podcasts or the Discover page)

- I can listen on the web by using whatever pops out on the Discover page

- On mobile, I can listen to podcasts I subscribed to, look some up on the podcast page, and even kinda search for them - again, using the podcast:

- Finally, I can listen everywhere using mobile and casting to connected devices.


it's just a clusterf#@k!

2017-07-12 14_42_54-Spotify.png
2017-07-12 14_42_35-Spotify.png


Do a google search, pretty sure everyone is wondering how to find podcasts on spotify.

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Hey there folks,


Thanks for reaching out here in the Community about this!


Podcasts can be now found:

  • By tapping Search and then tapping on the Podcasts tile on mobile and tablet devices
  • By clicking Browse > Podcasts on the desktop app 
  • By clicking Home > Podcasts on the Web Player

There's more info and tips on this support site article.


If you're having troubles finding them with these steps, we'd recommend making sure that they are available in your location. If they are, a clean reinstall of the app on your device by following the steps in this Spotify Answer should do the trick. 


Don't hesitate to start a new thread in the related Help Board if you need help or have questions. We'll be happy to lend a hand!


Have a lovely day 🙂

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