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Not auto playing similar songs when music ends.

Not auto playing similar songs when music ends.

Usually when after the last song in a playlist is done playing it will autoplay similar songs. Well its not doing that it automatically go's back to the first song in the playlist and stops playing altogether. Also when i try and change where my offline songs are stored it won't let me. 


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Same thing here. 

I was having the same issue where it wouldn’t even do it for a playlist. But then I realised when i clicked the three dots option while the song was playing that somehow “repeat” was on. could that be it?

I am also having this issue on desktop for Mac (Mohave 10.14.6—Spotify I haven't noticed if it happens on the mobile app yet.

I have the same issue. I don't think I'm using it incorrectly. My repeat is off. I'm on macOS Catalina 10.15.7 and I also recently updated Spotify.

I got around it temporarily by just playing the same playlist using the iPhone app. So Autoplay still works but there's just some bug on the macOS app I think. 

Hey @12184300226,


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community.


Just tested this with my Spotify and macOS Catalina 10.15.7. By the end of one of my personal playlists (last song being played and finishing), Autoplay would start correctly. 


Just to make sure you're not experiencing a temporary error or something due to the app not being perfectly up-to-date, would you mind running a clean reinstall of Spotify on your Mac? Here you have the necessary steps.


Hope you'll find this useful. Let us know how you get on!

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No Spotify have this issue long-term it was fixed somehow back then but now the same thing continues. It rarely moves to a song radio after some song is finished. the probability is high when the song is popular. but it is a not so popular song it never plays a similar station. Be it in song playlists or a searched song it doesn't plays similar just acts like if I played a album with a single song that even when I press the forward button to move to next similar song Nothing happens....I have to manually turn on the "go to song radio". This is a main feature bug Spotify has and youtube music not only shows what's coming up next but also plays it for u whenever a song ends. I love Spotify but this thing hating me to use it. so kindly fix this ASAP hope u understand thanks.

Hi there @SridharStreaks,


Thank you for your post in this thread.


Can you confirm if you followed the steps that @Mario provided?


It would also be great if you let us know if this occurs on one specific device or multiple devices?

We'll keep an eye out for your reply.



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I have just gotten a new mac and have installed the Spotify desktop app in a clean environment. The issue still persists with me, there is no autoplay of similar songs after the playlist ends, it just goes back to the start and stops playing music altogether. This issue still persists even though I can confirm I have the most up to date version of the Spotify Desktop app. I have currently macOS Big Sur installed. Please could you look into this issue as it seems to be a common problem with macs. 

Hey there @Sabreen!


Welcome to the Community and thanks for bringing this up with us.


Right now we have an Ongoing issue with what you seem to be experiencing with Autoplay.  


You can take a look here and feel free to leave your details to help us with the investigation.


It'll also be useful to subscribe via the three-dots menu in the top right corner next to the title. That'll make sure you stay up to date with any relevant updates about this.


Hopefully we'll have this sorted out soon, keep an eye on the page for any updates.

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It plays one song and stops. As opposed to auto playing songs similar to that one song that was searched. Same with a playlist. Before, when a playlist finished playing, I could still continue listening to songs auto generated by Spotify, but now, once my playlist is done, the music stops. device: Samsung A51. It happens on my own device. The same I've been using before. It happens all the time.
It also happens when I try with the Web version.

Hey @nadzz_18!


There's currently an issue with Autoplay that was originally reported here and is being looked into by our tech teams. It seems that Autoplay on desktop is controlling the feature's behavior across all platforms, so try disabling it on the desktop app to see if that does the trick.


Make sure to check out the aforementioned thread and Subscribe from the three dots menu so you're notified whenever there are any updates on the matter.



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i was listening to a song while doing the dishes, a drop of water got on the screen and accidentally added a song from my search to my queue, i did not want it to be there so i cleared queue. And it has stopped giving me song suggestions when i search a single song. I dont know why but it is now both on PC and Mobile. And uninstalling it didnt help


I didn't have water touch my screen but two days ago I turned on my battery saver (then turned it off) and now i can't get any song radios to play after a song search or after i view it in an album. NOTHING has worked so hopefully someone is currently fixing ASAP at spotify hq or something.

Still happening this sake issues

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