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Shuffle Broke Queue




United Kingdom


(note 9, aspire acer laptop, ps4 pro)

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(Android pie, Windows 10, Playstation)


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okay so i have noticed that if you put a playlist on shuffle then add songs to a queue it really messes everything out i have tryed to pin point the problem and it all comes down to the shuffle button so lets say we have a playlist like this 


song 1 

song 2

song 3


and i put it on shuffle it works fine 

but if i then want to add a song to queue like i would do before when a song not in the playlist striked my fancy it would play 


queued song 


song 1 song 2 song 3


 but now it dont make a queue it will play your song but show song 1 being played insted then wen the queued song finishes it will move past song 1 and go song 2 


but then if u queue more than one song it will go to the last song u queued and ignore the rest but then would not move on to song 1 

the amount of songs you queued will be replaced with complete random songs thats not even in the original shuffled queue 

making it imposible to make a queue longer than 1 song before skipping the next song all-together


ps. it happens on all my devices too 


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Hey @infamous92,


Thanks for reaching out to us about this!

There doesn't currently seem to be an issue with queuing songs in the way you've described above.


Could you get back to us and let us know if you're still experiencing this? We'll take a closer look.


Thanks! Keep us posted 🙂

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